The Ken Maddern award is given to the best peer reviewed paper published in Appita Journal in the year. It is in memory of the late Dr Ken Maddern, Peer review Editor of Appita Journal from 2000 – 2006. Dr Maddern was a highly regarded researcher who diligently applied himself to the onerous task of coordinating the peer reviewed papers appearing in the Journal. His contribution is recognized in the high status of Appita Journal as measured by a number of institutions against its peers.

The award is judged by the Appita Journal editorial Board, based  on nominations received by readers

Appita 2017 Ken Maddern Award

Ken Maddern Award - Ana Balea,  Angeles Blanco,  Noemí Merayo and Carlos Negro

Effect of nanofibrillated cellulose to reduce linting on high filler-loaded recycled papers

(Appita Journal April - June 2016)

(presented to Ana Balea by Dr Karen Stack, Technical Editor of Appita on the right)