Engineering Plant Biomaterials for Advanced Manufacturing Workshop 
Thursday, 23rd February 2023

In Person Only
New Horizons, 20 Research Way, Level 4, 4.10 Collaboration Lounge, Clayton Campus, Monash University


We are excited to announce the Workshop for Engineering Plant Biomaterials for Advanced Manufacturing 


Plants result from photosynthesis converting atmospheric CO2 into glucose, followed by a series of reactions which turn carbon into a usable biopolymer, cellulose. Products created with cellulose are able to act as replacements for currently heavily used and polluting plastic-based materials. Along with the potential of replacing plastics, cellulose also removes carbon from the atmosphere, directly cutting carbon emissions and playing a role in climate change mitigation. Due to the properties of cellulose, it has a wide variety of applications in areas such as; light weight-batteries, agriculture, superabsorbent for nappies and personal care products, clear and air/water resistant cellulose/paper composites for packaging to replace single-use plastics, food additives, and biopolymer gels to grow cells, tissues and organoids.

Why attend?

This interactive workshop will bring together international technical experts and industry leaders to present and discuss the current state-of-the-art research in plant-based biomaterials and moving towards more sustainable product manufacturing. You should attend to learn about and contribute to ideas about how cellulose-based materials can create sustainable, environmentally friendly and greener products.

With keynote presentations from industry experts, this in-person one-day event is set to be one you won't want to miss!

Who should attend?

Industries, governments and agencies that are interested in developing new sustainable products from plant-based sources. This includes product designers and manufacturers, biomaterials producers, plantation and agriculture growers, State and Commonwealth Governments and Agencies.

Registration fee: $150 + GST


 Gil Garnier image  Olando Rogas image Billy Bardin circle  
Professor Gil Garnier
Professor & Director Bioresource Processing
Research Institute of Australia
(BioPRIA) PALS ARC Industry
Transformation Research Hub
 Professor Orlando J. Rogas
Professor, Dept of Chemical &
Biological Eng, Dept of Chemistry &
Dept Wood Science, UBC, Canada
Billy B. Bardin
Global Digitalization Director,
Dow Inc. 
Paul Stuart circleimage Florant Allais circle Virginia Chambost
Professor Paul Stuart
Professor Chemical Eng.
Polytechnique Montréal
and Principal Consultant
EnVertis Consulting, Canada
Professor Florent Allais
Professor in Chemistry
at AgroParisTech, &
Director of Chair at ABI,
Reims, France
Virginie Chambost
Principal Consultant,
EnVertis Consulting,
Adrian Neild avatar   Debjani Ghosh image
Professor Adrian Neild
Professor & Deputy Dean of
Strategic Initiatives-Faculty
of Engineering,
Monash University
Jim Manolios,
Papyrus Bio Innovations 
 Debjani Ghosh,
New Product Development Technologist,
PZ Cussons
Tim Davey image    
Tim Davey,
Senior Polymer Science Specialist,