The Fibre Revolution:
Securing the Future of Fibre-Based Manufacturing

As the world moves further into a ‘decade of disruptive change’ the pulp, paper and packaging industry will continue to be challenged by a range of opportunities and risks that call ‘business as usual’ thinking and approaches into question.

The Fibre Revolution Conference serves as a critical call to action, rallying pulp, paper and packaging industry stakeholders toward the collective goal of driving the industry forward. Through shared insights and collaborative dialogue, we aim not only to respond to change but also to actively define it, co-constructing the industry's path forward.

Join us for two powerful days of insights and collaboration that will shape the future of fibre-based manufacturing and packaging.

DAY 1: Thursday, 23 November 2023
Collective conversation to build industry strength

Join us in an interactive setting to collectively redefine the future of our industry amidst major change.

Inspired by the 'World Cafe' approach, our program is structured to encourage meaningful dialogues and interactions among delegates. Facilitated by David Platt, Strategist and CEO of Resilient Futures, each session will feature engaging presentations and panel discussions, followed by a series of facilitated roundtable conversations. Our objective is to use this collective wisdom to actively influence the future direction of our industry.

Be a part of this important conversation as we explore:

  • The current and future operating environment for the industry.
  • Any potential disruptive change and the associated industry impacts.
  • Opportunities and risks for the industry – now and in the future.
  • Future capability requirements – from people to technology. 
  • The value and power of network strength within the industry. 
  • Action that delegates can take, individually and collectively to strengthen the industry's capabilities, competitiveness and resilience.

Day 1 will conclude with the Cocktail Awards Function, Celebrating Excellence.

DAY 2: Friday, 24 November 2023
We delve deeper into:

  • Digital transformation and its impact - Understanding how digitalisation will redefine the industry.
  • Innovations for efficiency and sustainability - Highlighting technological breakthroughs and sustainable practices.
  • The future of paper and new fibre-based products - Exploring innovations and future trends.
  • Adapting to the dynamic workforce.

Additionally, Day 2 will spotlight emerging voices in the industry through the New Speaker Competition

By attending you will gain:

  • Valuable connections with industry peers who share a commitment to shaping our industry's future.
  • Deep insights into leveraging disruptive change for strategic advantage, challenging conventional perspectives.
  • An objective understanding of key issues shaping the industry, informing decision-making and proactive action.
  • Opportunities to support or initiate actions for industry strength.

Together, let's explore opportunities, address challenges, and secure a thriving future for fibre-based manufacturing and packaging in the region.  

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