“Creating our bio-future … towards a circular bioeconomy”

Today’s forest, pulp, paper and packaging industry is increasingly aligning itself with the circular and bio-economies as it actively seeks to develop new opportunities critical for its long-term future. Efforts in this direction encompass domains with which the industry is well acquainted including resource management, manufacturing excellence, people development, resource minimisation, material recovery and recycling and the development of new and innovative high value add products. The industry is, therefore, well placed to benefit further by embracing the latest ideas and technologies in these fields.

This conference aims to explore what it means to be a fully sustainable and bio-innovative industry. The conference will cover a broad range of topics, including industry and globalisation, innovation and entrepreneurship, scientific R&D and emerging technologies across the full spectrum of the fibre value chain.

Why attend?

  • Comprehensive and diverse program - Hear from local and international thought leaders and innovators
  • Global reach – Over 15 countries traditionally attend each year
  • Networking opportunities - Meet and mingle with the most accomplished, engaged and driven people in the field. There are several forums to make new connections and build your business networks. 
  • Knowledge and resources - Discover new technology, trends and tools to help grow your people & business.


One exciting area in the fibre value chain that has received growing attention in recent times is the diversified use of biomaterials derived from traditional biomass. The accelerated growth in this area has breathed new life into a sector that only a few years ago was struggling through significantly reduced returns. The new and innovative developments that are being reported from this sector in bioenergy, biochemicals and biomaterials, as well as aspects of sustainability, life cycle extension, waste remediation, recycling and re-purposing,  mean that these ancillary efforts are becoming central to many manufacturing and commercial strategies within our industry. Most promising is the high-value products and new technology solutions arising from these efforts that enhance profits and improve resource utilization.

The Bio-future Forum will showcase experts in these new fields and present work and strategies that look to marry sustainability with commercialisation in our industry. The forum will provide learnings from current research efforts and provide an insight into global thinking that will help delegates understand and navigate the potential of our bio-future.

The Manufacturing Excellence Symposium explores the latest trends and best practices on developing a manufacturing excellence culture and strategy for improved operational efficiency, productivity and safety. Hear from industry leaders about what it takes to stay competitive.

  • Strategic leadership and human resource development
  • Improving business process
  • Embracing technology and innovation to ensure long-term success
  • Value of benchmarking
  • Implementing Lean throughout the manufacturing process to achieve cost-effective and sustainable manufacturing

Fibre and renewable resources in general have a lot of work to do in the modern world. From paper and board production, through energy outcomes, organic chemicals and unique products that are still in their infancy, the pressures on already scarce fibre resources continue to mount.

  • Just how much virgin wood fibre is available, and is it going to be enough to meet all of the competing needs?
  • In a world starved of fibre, what is the situation with recovered fibre right now and what solutions are likely to emerge?
  • What are the competing fibre needs and what are their prospects for future growth?
  • How might energy at the industrial scale and emerging industries further impact demand?

This sharp and focussed market forum will address these issues, providing perspectives and insights to help understand the latest developments, how they integrate, and the conflicts thatarise where competing interest come into conflict.

The Packaging & Food Contact Forum will present an update on the Australian and New Zealand packaging market, covering up to date statistics, current trends, food contact regulation and compliance and what the future holds for this industry.

The Pulp and Paper Forum will feature presentations on a wide range of topics from industry practitioners, researchers, equipment and service providers. The forum includes:

  • Technical presentations on a wide range of topics
  • Pulp and paper mill case studies 
  • New Speakers Competition
  • Poster Presentations

The Mill Managers Forum is an annual event, providing senior managers from the Australian & New Zealand pulp and paper industry the opportunity to meet and discuss critical management issues relating to today’s mill environment and to also share new ideas to advance the capabilities of our industry.

The Appita Young Professional Forum is a curated forum which brings together young professionals from a across the fibre value chain. The forum aims to provide the next generation of leaders the opportunity to share ideas and network with industry leaders.