“Creating our bio-future … towards a circular bioeconomy”

Today’s forest, pulp, paper and packaging industry is increasingly aligning itself with the circular and bio-economies as it actively seeks to develop new opportunities critical for its long-term future. Efforts in this direction encompass domains with which the industry is well acquainted including resource management, manufacturing excellence, people development, resource minimisation, material recovery and recycling and the development of new and innovative high value add products. The industry is, therefore, well placed to benefit further by embracing the latest ideas and technologies in these fields.

This conference aims to explore what it means to be a fully sustainable and bio-innovative industry. The conference will cover a broad range of topics, including industry innovations, markets, sustainability and circular bioeconomy,  R&D and emerging technologies across the full spectrum of the fibre value chain - fibre resources, pulp, paper, packaging and bioproducts.

Why attend?

  • Comprehensive and diverse program - Hear from local and international thought leaders and innovators
  • Global reach – Over 15 countries traditionally attend each year
  • Networking opportunities - Meet and mingle with the most accomplished, engaged and driven people in the field. There are several forums to make new connections and build your business networks. 
  • Knowledge and resources - Discover new technology, trends and tools to help grow your people & business.


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