Aida Greenbury


Aida Greenbury, Board of Advisors, The Bioeconomy Forum, Australia

Aida Greenbury has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of sustainability and forestry management and for the last 13 years has worked as the Chief Sustainability Officer at the largest integrated forestry, pulp and paper group.

She has led the global company’s efforts to shift to a new, responsible business model based on a zero-deforestation framework. Aida has been a prominent contributor and thought-leader to national and global debates about sustainability, landscape approach, forestry management, community engagement, responsible business, climate finance, trade, and the future direction of Indonesia’s economy as it seeks to move up the value chain and reduce its dependency on natural resources.

Aida was the Co-Chair and now is the Adviser of the High Carbon Stock Approach Steering Group. In May 2017, this group published a new toolkit which provides a common methodology to enable practitioners to roll out a wider no deforestation approach. She is also Chair of the Private Sector Roundtable of the Asia Pacific Rainforest Partnership, which was established by then Minister of Environment for Australia, Greg Hunt, at the COP21 in Paris in 2015. The aim of the partnership is to spearhead public-private cooperation to save rainforests in the Asia Pacific region. Membership of the group encompasses some of the largest companies operating in forestry and related sectors in the region.

In 2014, she founded the Belantara Foundation, a non-profit that works with public and private sources of funding to restore and protect forest landscapes.

Aida is a regular commentator in international media and at international events, such as the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. She recently addressing issues such as the importance of openness and trade to safeguarding the economic and environmental gains made by Southeast Asian economies, and the need for standards and mechanisms for environmental protection and carbon reduction to be embedded into the global financial system.

In addition to establishing Greenbury & Associates in 2017, Aida joined Mongabay's advisory board. Other members of the advisory board include primatologist and conservation icon Jane Goodall, tropical ecologist William F. Laurance, and botanist Peter Raven.