2022 & BEYOND

The opening live event of the FVCCON22, to be held on the 20th of July, has been postponed! As winter sets in, Covid and the flu have had a more significant impact than expected, therefore in the best interest of our members and attendees, we have decided to move this event to November 30th.

We can't wait to see you all face-to-face but look forward to having you join us virtually on July 21st for what will now be the first event of the 2022 Fibre Value Chain Conference - The Young Professional Network Conference.


The pulp, paper and fibre packaging industry is entering a new era of transformational change with the confluence of environmental and resource concerns and technological and demographic changes. To remain competitive in this ever-evolving world, companies need to be aware of trends and predict changes that will affect the way they operate.

FVCCON22 will take a deep dive into the drivers of disruptive change and how the pulp, paper and fibre packaging industry can take advantage of these changes to generate sustainable value in the future.

Hear from thought leaders and innovators about the game-changing trends that will transform the pulp, paper and fibre packaging industry in 2022 and beyond.


The multievent program includes keynotes presentation, panel discussions and forums covering a wide range of topics that inspire, engage and challenge your thinking. 

Tailor your experience by selecting the events most relevant to you. Session prices start from $110 or take advantage of the substantial discounts on
Event Bundles. Register Now!


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