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Submitting a paper 

Appita Journal publishes peer reviewed, original manuscripts related to the pulp, paper, packaging and bioproduct industries and associated fields. 

Appita’s rigorous peer-review process ensures each issue of the Appita Journal contains the highest-quality, most relevant academic and industry oriented research. Papers are reviewed by industry experts with experience in the paper's subject area. All papers submitted must pass peer review before the paper is published in the Appita Journal. 

Appita do not charge authors a fee per page for publishing their work, however a small fee is charged to non-members for processing manuscripts. Appita members are exempt from paying any fee and authors who are not members may join Appita at the time of submitting their paper. Only one author of the paper needs to be an Appita member to gain the fee exemption.  
The submission fee for 2019 is AUD 300.00 – and obviously this applies whether or not the paper is accepted through the peer reviewing process. Please note that not all papers peer reviewed are accepted for publication.  

Papers larger than 6000 words and/or containing more than 12 figures may be subject to an additional fee to cover extra publication costs. 

Appita works closely with authors to ensure their work is presented clearly and concisely.  

Before submitting a paper, please review the Authors Guideline. 

Author guidelines

Papers should be submitted by email in Microsoft Word format to:

Dr Karen Stack
Peer Review Editor
Appita Journal
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.