Masters Online Information

Appita is pleased to announce that Appita’s Education Partner, BioPRIA will soon launch (June 2018) a new Master’s program – Master of Bioproducts Manufacturing Engineering. The first online master’s degree in Engineering to be offered by Monash University – is designed to prepare professionals for opportunities in the emerging but fast-growing biomanufacturing industry.

The course integrates core engineering principles with specialist topics in the field of bioresource processing. Students will gain enhanced technical and research skills and develop entrepreneurial acumen sought by a broad range of industries, especially bio based industries both locally and internationally.

The course will suit engineers already working in bio based industries and new graduates with related qualifications who want to play a vital role in the transformative technologies of the future.

The online approach of this course will enable students to maintain their professional career whilst gaining an expert master’s qualification. 

To learn more about BioPRIA  click here.