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altBound copies of Appita Journal

2017 Appita Journal. (Vol 70)
All four issues bound in black hardback with gold lettering on the spine.
AUD 390.00 (inclusive of postage and handling)Bound copies of prior years can also be ordered – AUD 390.00 each.

Biomass Processingalt

A collection of papers from Appita Journal and Conference Proceedings.  This publication features over 60 articles under topics such as:

  • Early Offerings
  • Chemical Cellulose and Modified Cellulose
  • Fuels and Bio refineries
  • Lignin and Lignin Products
  • Polymers and Composites
  • Other Chemicals from Wood


Conference Proceedings

The technical papers presented at the annual conference are published in hard copy  in conjunction with the conference.   Copies may be purchased by filling out the order form.

Fibre Value Chain Conference and Expo
Melbourne, Australia  14-16 November 2017

Conference Proceedings from 2001 are also available online from Informit e-library. Visit www.informit.com.au for further information.

Hard copy AU$135 (plus postage and handling)

Previous Appita conference proceedings are also available.  Contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

Pulp and Paper from Radiata Pinealt

Appita, in conjunction with Forest Research, New Zealand, has recently published the definitive Pulp and Paper from Radiata Pine, by Dr J Mervyn Uprichard.

This comprehensive, 480 page book describes and evaluates research data on radiata pine obtained over five decades, and describes some aspects of its industrial processing. Radiata Pine is the principal softwood of plantation forests in Australia,Chile and New Zealand and has the advantage of fast growth rate. It is widely used for sawn timber,  panelboard, pulp and paper and other products. There has been extensive investigation of its wood properties. The wide variation in wood quality within the tree influences the properties of pulp and paper products obtained from different levels in the stem. Optimal processing strategies for the species are outlined.

This Book shows that radiata pine has even more potential in the future. It has been elegantly shown that trees with tracheids, suitable dimensions for production of chemical and mechanical pulps with specific papermaking properties can be selected for use from the existing forest crop, and may be grown in future forests.

Available in hardcopy (480 pages, casebound) or CD ROM for AUD 400.00, delivered anywhere in the world.

Forest Products Engineers (PI) - All About Papermaking 

The latest and the best know how on pulp and papermaking is now available in the totally updated book series Papermaking Science and Technology.

The Papermaking Science and Technology books provide a basis for university level education, for updating training courses and can be used as handbooks for the industry. They cover topics from economics and sustainable management to mechanical and chemical pulping, papermaking, coating, printing, testing and environmental management. The book series has been completed with a brand new book: Vol. 20 Biorefining of Forest Resources. The best Pulp and Paper industry professionals have contributed to the updating of the book series, and they provide their knowhow for everyone's use.

The most convenient way to purchase your copy is to order the books at Papermakers’ Wiki’s Online Bookstore.

Australian/New Zealand Standards

Australian/New Zealand Standards series 1301, Methods of test for pulp and paper has been developed by the Appita Testing Standards Committee (now known as Committee PK-019 of Standards Australia).

In recent times, Committee PK-019 has incorporated many ISO standards into the 1301 series and some of these have been ‘nationally modified’ to recognise the importance of procedures deemed especially relevant in Australia and New Zealand.

To order copies of standards in the series 1301 in Australia, contact Standards Australia at http://www.saiglobal.com or to order copies in New Zealand, contact Standards New Zealand at http://www.standards.co.nz

A Keyword Index of the latest list of 1301 series standards is available below.