Training & Development

Appita offers a number of training and development options for the benefit of the career advancement of people in the pulp, paper and associated industries. We offer a balanced and flexible complement to the current Nationally Accredited training programs. Our independence from individual companies and ready access to a wide range of the best peer group expertise globally makes Appita a credible vehicle to deliver training to the industry.

Appita uses a variety of delivery methods to assist the development and acquisition of troubleshooting skills. The methods combine group session, self study and specific assignments and troubleshooting sessions to bridge the gap between theory and practice.



Appita offers a short course program each year to the industry. The short courses have been established to provide short term intensive professional development opportunities. The courses are presented by leading experts from industry and research. They are designed for an international audience and cover topics of interest for people working in research and development, specialists working in the pulp and paper industry and associated industries.   

If you are interested in any of the following short courses, please contact Appita on (03) 9467 9722 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will be happy to discuss how we can assist you with your professional development and technical training needs.

Some of the key benefits of on-site training are:

  1. Focuses on issues that are relevant to each organisation.

  2. Provides the perfect setting to form teams of individuals who are working well beyond their job description to accomplish something that contributes to the current corporate mission.

  3. Offers great flexibility in terms of scheduling.

  4. Uses a variety of delivery methods to assist the development and acquisition of trouble shooting skills.

  5. Significant cost advantage to setting up an in-house training program. Ten individuals can be trained in a focused and extensive course of study for the same cost as sending two individuals to one short term intensive industry-wide program when travel expenses and time away from the workplace are considered.

  6. Offer trainers/consultants who are technically up to date and understand a full range of industry issues.


Fundamentals of Papermaking and Paper Performance
Wet-End Chemistry
Fundamentals of Corrugating and Converting
Advanced Pulping
Recycling and Contaminant Control
Biorefining Processes

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In-house training is where an organisation commissions Appita to provide training for its own staff.  The in-house training will either be ‘Off the shelf',  where a standard Appita course is delivered on site or Focused Industry Training, where Appita will tailor the course to according to the organisations requirements.