Appita L R Benjamin Medal  

The Appita L R Benjamin Medal honours the late Louis Reginald Benjamin, CBE, a pioneer and leader in the development of the pulp and paper industry based on Australian eucalypts.

It is an award designed to encourage technical excellence, innovation and achievement.

The medal is available annually to be awarded to persons who have contributed in an outstanding way to the technical progress of the pulp and paper industry in Australia and New Zealand. The contribution should have been largely personal, and could be in research, development, engineering or management (provided the work managed was technical in nature).

The nominee need not be a member of Appita. The Award is in the form of a mounted silver medallion. Nomination form here.


Oertel Nadebaum Distinguished Service Award

The Oertel Nadebaum Distinguished Service Award honours the late Oertel Nadebaum, who gave outstanding service to Appita over more than two decades.

It is designed to provide recognition to Appita members who have made substantial non-technical contributions to Appita over a period of years. A member under consideration for the award should have been active in Appita for at least 10 years. The award is in the form of a plaque.
Nomination form here.