About the Conference

When: 4 - 6 December, 2024
Where: Distinction Rotorua Hotel, 390 Fenton Street, Rotorua

The Appita Annual Conference is the premier event focused on advancing the pulp, paper, and packaging industries. This event brings together industry professionals, experts, and leaders to discuss key issues, share knowledge, and explore the latest trends and innovations. The conference features a comprehensive and engaging agenda designed to foster networking, facilitate knowledge exchange, and drive strategic development within the industry.  Join us to connect, discover, and shape the future of fibre-based manufacturing. Learn more about What's On.

Interested in sponsoring or exhibiting? Contact the Appita Team for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +61 3 9467 9722. Register Now

Why Attend?

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Network with Industry Leaders: Build meaningful connections with key professionals, researchers, and peers to enhance your professional network and discover collaborative opportunities.

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Explore Cutting-Edge Innovations: Dive into the latest technologies and advancements transforming the industry and learn how to implement these innovations in your work.

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Participate in Knowledge-Sharing Activities: Engage in roundtable discussions and Xchange Sessions focused on shaping the fiber-based manufacturing industry.