Webinar 1: 23 July 2020, 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm AEST
Overview: The Australian and NZ Paper Markets & Economic Update
Presenter: Tim Woods, IndustryEdge

What is the current situation in local paper markets? Where is demand strongest and which sectors are under most pressure? How are supply-chains responding? This webinar provides the keys to understanding local markets.

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Market Webinar 1 SUMMARY (pdf)

Webinar 1 Market Overview (pdf)

Fast-moving markets, uncertainty and strategic challenges have collided in 2020. Surviving and flourishing in the ’new normal’ relies on you having the right information, from the right people. IndustryEdge’s Tim Woods leads this series of six market-focussed webinars that will help you link global and Asian realities to local business situations and opportunities. The series will include guest interviews and live Q&A sessions.

Supported with summaries of key points from each webinar and discounted access to the region’s leading and ongoing market analysis tools.

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