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Appita’s Focused Industry Training (FIT) providing flexible programs set entirely in the real environment using your organisations internal processes, values and context. We deliver flexible training programs that are customized to meet the needs of individual organisation within the industry.

With over 75 years experience in training and development within the Pulp and Paper industry Appita is ideally placed to meet your training needs.

Through our FIT service we offer organisation tailored training options in both technical and non-technical fields for all levels of the profession, ranging from operators to management.

Key benefits of FIT:

  • Focuses on issues that are relevant to each organisation.
  • Provides the perfect setting to form teams of individuals who are working well beyond their job description to accomplish something that contributes to the current corporate mission.
  • Offers great flexibility in terms of scheduling.
  • Uses a variety of delivery methods to assist the development and acquisition of trouble shooting skills.
  • Significant cost advantage to setting up an in-house training program. Ten individuals can be trained in a focused and extensive course of study for the same cost as sending two individuals to one short term intensive industry-wide program when travel expense and time away from the workplace are considered.
  • Offer trainers/consultants who are technically up to date and understand a full range of industry issues.