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APPITA Magazine V71 No 4 - Oct / Dec 2018

This issues features the Conference Pan Pacific Fibre Value Chain 2018 - Wrap-up 

Appita Magazine front section articles:

  • What we need is any sort of intelligence
  • Market disruptions point to the future but the direction is not always clear
  • Artificial Intelligence: A Primer
  • Oji Fibre Solutions’ make-over of Tasman Mill
  • A long road to the National Forest Industries Plan, now the real work begins
  • Appita interviews Pemo Klimczak Vice President Technology, PMP Group
  • How to understand cross machine property profiles
  • 2018 Pan Pacific Fibre Value Chain Conference - Wrap-up

current journal

APPITA Journal V71 No 4 - Oct / Dec 2018

This issue of the Peer Review Journal features

  • Comparison of polyvinyl alcohol and oxidised starch as
    surface sizing agents
    Shubhang Bhardwaj and Nishi K. Bhardwaj
  • Development and evaluation of suspension-polymerised
    latex additive for surface sizing of paper
    Araz R. Abhari, Hak Lae Lee, Kyudeok Oh, Wanhee Im,
    Jee-Hong Lee and Sooyoung Lee
  • Improvement in pulp quality and effluent properties using
    methanol as carbohydrate protector during ozone
    bleaching of wheat straw pulp
    Sandeep Kumar Tripathi, Nishi K. Bhardwaj and
    Himadri Roy Ghatak
  • Analysis of sulfolane in biochar
    Sophie A. Stevens and Desmond E. Richardson