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APPITA Magazine V71 No 3 - July / Sept 2018

This issues features the Conference Preview - Pan Pacific Fibre Value Chain Conference 2018

Appita Magazine front section articles:

  • Fibre resources is under pressure
  • The 'technology versus education myth'
  • The challenge of “fit for purpose” food packaging
  • Growing a biofueled New Zealand
  • BioPRIA delivers more than meets the eye
  • 18 by 2030: Forest Industries help tackle Australia's climate change challenge
  • China puts recycled to the sword
  • 2018 Pan Pacific Fibre Value Chain Conference - Preview

current journal

APPITA Journal V71 No 3 - July / Sept 2018

This issue of the Peer Review Journal features

  • Highly efficient utilization of dissolved and colloidal
    substances in surface sizing for low – cost and sustainable
    water consumption.
    Chunjian Wang, Shuzhen Ni, Lingrui Lin, Xiu Wang,
    and Hongqi Dai
  • Isolation of microcrystalline cellulose using phosphotungstic acid and
    microwave synergistic treatment to improve the hydrolysis selectability of cellulose.
    Jinbao Li, Jing Wang, Meiyun Zhang, and Tao Li
  • Steam exploded pellets made from bark and residuesa
    new possible value stream for the pulp and paper industry
    Mattias Erixon and Peter Björklund
  • Bleaching efficiency of softwood thermomechanical
    pulps treated with ozone
    Céline Leduc, Claude Daneault, Éric Pelletier,
    Jean-Noël Cloutier, Michel Epiney and Robert Lanouette