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APPITA Magazine Issue 3 Jul / Sept 2019

Welcome to the new look Appita magazine filled with ideas, news, technical features and innovations. This is not just a new format, but a new direction that fits more easily with our local fibre and paper value chain industry. 

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current journal

APPITA Journal V72 No 3 - Jul / Sept 2019

Publishing peer reviewed papers in the science and technology of pulp, paper, packaging and bioproducts.

This issue features:

  • Editorial  
  • Review: To abbreviate or not to abbreviate
  • Wood extractives recovery from flotation of thermo-mechanical pulp process water
  • Evaluating the lignin content in the fibreline of a birch kraft pulp mill with a TDS sensor
  • Suitability of banana stem pulp as replacement of softwood pulp for making superior grade unbleached paper from agro-residue pulp