The affairs of the Association are directed by an Executive Committee consisting of the President of the Association, the Vice-President, and six other members, all of whom are elected by the voting members of the Association.

The Executive Committee is the governing body the Association and will operate within the constitution, by-laws, regulations, laws, and other applicable policies to conduct the affairs of the association. Positions and duties of the executive committee are defined in the Associations rules and bylaws.

The Appita Executive Committee comprises members from the corporate sector of the Australian and New Zealand pulp, paper and packaging industry.


Executive Committee Members

David Vercoe

President David Vercoe
Technical Manager
Opal Australian Paper

Neil Louwrens

Vice President - Neil Louwrens
Visy Pulp & Paper Tumut

Batchelor warren
Warren Batchelor 
Associate Professor
Monash University, BioPRIA

Heier Deanne
Ms Deanne Heier
Noske Skog, Boyer Mill

Lauren Beckett
Ms. Lauren Wood
Environment Manager
Opal Australian Paper

Steve Keyte
Stephen Keyte
Customer Service Manager - Pulp
Oji Fibre Solutions

ThompsellKellyKelly Thompsell
Continuous Improvement Eng.
Kimberly Clark Australia

Shiraz Beca
Shiraz Khashim
Process Engineer, Wood Beca


Eduardo Manias
Eduardo Manias
Chemical Engineer