Vesna MilunovicTechnical Product Development Manager, Visy Pulp and Paper

Vesna Milunovic is currently Technical Product Development Manager at Visy Pulp and Paper, a privately-owned packaging and recycling company. Her work includes working within the business at national level on managing development of new products (such as Kraft White Liner).

Prior to working in product development, Vesna spent 5 years working as National Technical Manager at Visy, being responsible for Technical processes, Product Quality and Process Improvements in Visy’s Paper Mills. Vesna also worked as a Product Specialist in Plasterboard Liner sales team and her main responsibilities were Customer technical support and product development of PBL. Prior to that Vesna worked as a mill chemist as part of the mill operation team.

Vesna holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering / Bachelor of Arts from Monash University.

Having worked in the industry for 20 years, Vesna has developed her passion for continuous improvement and effective cost reduction.

Vesna was appointed as President of Appita in 2017