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Appita is pleased to announce a new direction and new look for the Appita Magazine and Peer Reviewed Journal.

Those of you who have been in the industry for a while will be aware that the publication has undergone several changes over its 72 years, and so this is just another transition to keep up with the times. For others, it will just be the norm as change is a part of life.

So what changes have been made?
The Appita Peer Reviewed Journal has been separated from the Appita Magazine. The magazine remains a print and digital publication, while the peer review section, the Appita Journal, will now only be available in digital format. This is not just a new format, but a new direction that better aligns with our local fibre and paper value chain industry.

Over 1,300 key decision makers in the pulp and paper industry worldwide readteh Appita Magazine. It is circulated to over 42 countries, distributed to Appita members, manufacturers, research institutes, universities, suppliers, libraries and government departments.

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