29 April 2022 | IndustryEdge

From toilet paper to facial tissue, to hand towels and a wide range of sanitary products, the pandemic has added significant consumption in this growing sector. The question for some in the global fibre markets is whether the fibre is available to support Chinese consumption growth and overall, the stable growth in the total global market. Read more.

29 April 2022 | IndustryEdge

News that the Finnish paper mill strike ended with agreement between UPM and unions late April was welcome, with European operating rates set to return to near full capacity as demand remains strong in most corners of the world. That feeds into our headline assessment that printing and communication paper prices, including newsprint, will remain high in Australia and New Zealand until at least late in the fourth quarter of 2022. Read more.

29 April 2022 | IndustryEdge

Australia’s exports of recovered paper continue to boom as the total value of exports rocketed to a record AUD291.1M year-ended February. The average export price moderated slightly, but at AUD300.70/t, February was the third successive month exports have topped $300/t. Read more.

27 April 2022 | PKN

In news that has rocked the Australian packaging industry, Brooke Donnelly, CEO of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), is stepping down from the position at the end of July. Read more.

27 April 2022 | Visy

Visy announces $700 million investment in Queensland recycling and re-manufacturing as part of Anthony Pratt’s $2 billion investment pledge to Australia. Visy said today it would invest $700 million on a massive expansion of its Queensland recycling and remanufacturing operations. Read more.

26 April 2022 | AFPA

As the major national industry group representing the pulp, paper, tissue and packaging sector, the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) is insisting that an incoming Albanese Government not sacrifice these vital regional manufacturing jobs through blunt changes to the Emissions Reduction Fund Safeguard Mechanism. Read more.

22 April 2022 | Womens Agenda

Belinda Driscoll has been named the new Managing Director of personal care product manufacturer Kimberly-Clark, becoming the youngest and first female MD in the company’s ANZ region. Read more.

21 April 2022 | PKN

Australian independent craft brewer, Bridge Road Brewers, will open the doors to a pop-up bar in Melbourne tomorrow (Friday), which is fitted out entirely from cardboard, most of it recycled. Read more.

19 April 2022 | Packaging Europe

Stora Enso has partnered with Picadeli, a leading takeaway salad bar company, to introduce formed fibre lids for takeaway packaging that are recyclable and biodegradable. The lids are made from PureFiber by Stora Enso, which the company says is produced from wood-based formed fibre sourced from sustainably managed forests and using green energy. Read more.

6 April 2022 | PKN

Labelmakers Group and Huhtamaki have teamed up for a joint recycling initiative in Victoria that will see recovered label production waste used as feedstock for Australian-made fibre-based egg cartons. Read more.

6 April 2022 | ABB

ABB has released its High-Performance Infrared-Reflection (HPIR-R) moisture sensor, which provides the fastest, most precise moisture monitoring available on the market today. Read more.

29 April 2022 | Index Engineering

Has recently been certified as an API 653 Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector.
This new service will allow Index Engineering to provide the pulp and paper industry with additional expertise in this area. Read more.

23 March 2022 | PKN

Multinational packaging giant Amcor has revealed its plans to scale down its operations in Russia in response to the country’s continued invasion of Ukraine.

The company will reduce its activities in Russia and focus its manufacturing operations on supporting only its existing multinational customers. It will also be suspending new projects and investments in Russia and stop exports from the country “as early as possible”.   Read more

23 March 2022 | PKN

Woolworths will be phasing out its 15-cent plastic shopping bags in WA over the next month – the first major supermarket to do so ahead of new state legislation banning a variety of plastic shopping bags from July this year. Over the coming weeks, stores across the state will gradually run-down stock of the supermarket’s reusable plastic bags, with its Australian-made paper shopping bags set to become the entry option for those customers who haven’t brought their own bags to the store, as well as online orders.   Read more

21 March 2022 | IndustryEdge

Russia supplies Australia and New Zealand with very small quantities of paper and paper products, latest analysis shows. IndustryEdge continues to express the view that in the face of atrocities, transgressions of sovereign borders, human rights abuses and persistent aggression from Russia, trade is mainly important as a tool to influence Russia’s behaviour.   Read more

21 March 2022 | IndustryEdge

Global shipping attention has swung to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with one of the world’s largest food producers potentially falling under the control of Russia’s President Putin and his cohort of allies.   Read more

16 March 2022 | Paper Advance

Germany, Cologne (16 March 2022) - Keurig Dr Pepper Inc. (NASDAQ: KDP) and sustainable packaging manufacturer PAPACKS, based in Cologne - Germany, today announced the start of a partnership to develop a fully recyclable and compostable paper bottle.   Read more

11 March 2022 | Packaging World

Co-manufacturer/co-packager NaturPak Pet has become the first CM&P to provide super-premium wet dog food in the Tetra Recart retort carton. The carton not only protects the product in shelf-stable conditions but also offers a number of sustainable packaging benefits—both of which pet parents are seeking out.  Read more

9 March 2022 | Pulpaper news.com

FSC remains deeply concerned about Russia’s aggressive invasion of Ukraine and stands in solidarity with all victims of this violence. With full commitment to FSC’s mission and standards, and after a thorough analysis of the potential impact of withdrawal of FSC certification, the FSC International Board of Directors has agreed to suspend all trading certificates in Russia and Belarus and to block all controlled wood sourcing from the two countries.   Read more

9 March 2022 | Kimberly Clark

First and foremost, Kimberly-Clark is deeply saddened by the war in Ukraine and our hearts go out to our colleagues in the country, some of whom are among those displaced by the war. At this time, our overriding focus is to continue doing everything possible to support their safety and well-being. We are donating $1 million in financial aid and health and hygiene products to support active humanitarian efforts both in Ukraine and in neighboring countries to support refugee relief efforts.   Read more

9 March 2022 | Packaging World

A simple, yet ingenious, innovation that allows for reuse of corrugated shippers with partitions for auto parts suppliers helps save Yanfeng Automotive Interiors $10 million over 24 months.  Read more

1 March 2022 | BTG a Voith Company

BTG’s diagnostic service FiberMAX identifies opportunities to reduce fiber variability and cost, including stabilizing paper quality. FiberMAX surveys identify sources of variability, outline detailed recommendations for improvements and have been proven to be a very valuable starting point for many improvement projects, including Industry 4.0.  Read more - Press release and brochure

25 February 2022 | IndustryEdge

Australia’s exports of recovered paper transacted at another new record average price of AUDFob297/t in December 2021, more than 73% higher than the average price recorded in December 2020.  Read more

25 February 2022 | IndustryEdge

Many paper products have declined in use in recent years. Envelopes are an example. As the digital age presses into every corner of our lives, humble, physical products like envelopes have been diminished form their peaks recorded less than two decades ago.  Read more

25 February 2022 | IndustryEdge

Australia’s consumption of coated cartonboard paper grades lifted 19.3% between 2019 and 2021, to a record 154.5 kt for 2021. The majority of the growth was recorded in the second half of 2021, as Australian converters battled to ensure they could meet rapidly growing packaging sector demand.  Read more

21 February 2022 | Packaging Europe

In recent years, some of the biggest brand owners in the FMCG space have expressed interest in an emerging field: paper-based bottles. Alongside these announcements came scepticism and accusations of greenwashing. Could these solutions really be better for the environment than plastic and glass alternatives? Read more

16 February 2022 | Paper Advance

Sustainability has become an increasingly hot topic in the packaging industry, partially driven by new EU regulatory frameworks, which set out new requirements for packaging.  Read more

16 February | Essity

Further to the announcement on December 10, 2020, hygiene and health company Essity has now entered an agreement with hygiene company Asaleo Care to acquire the remaining 63.8% of the shares in the company for AUD 1.40 cash per share. Asaleo Care is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and Essity is the largest shareholder, currently holding 36.2% of the shares.  Read more

14 February 2022 | Packaging Europe

BASF’s new label adhesives can be used to coat paper labels and are designed not to interfere with the recycling of paperboard or cardboard transport boxes.  Read more

1 February 2022 | Norske Skog

Norske Skog has entered into agreement with Talley’s Group, a New Zealand based dairy, fishing, produce and food company, to sell the Nature’s Flame pellets company for a consideration of approximately NZD 47.8 million (approximately NOK 280 million). The transaction is expected to close during the first quarter of 2022.  Read more

28 January 2022 | IndustryEdge

Australia’s imports of paper, paperboard and paper products were valued at AUDFob269.4 million in November 2021, up 7.7% compared with the prior month. The value of monthly imports in November was 1.9% higher than in November 2020.  Read more.

28 January 2022 | IndustryEdge

Prices for all of the main pulp grades rose in December, in nearly all markets, with the main Chinese market expecting further price increases in the first quarter of 2022. Delayed deliveries from South America, and from Russia, have tightened supply in the lead up to the Lunar New Year (1st February).  Read more.

28 January 2022 | IndustryEdge

Once, miners took caged canaries down into mines because of their sensitivity to noxious gases and low oxygen levels was high. In the event of a risk, the canary would cease to sing and perhaps even die before workers noticed the same problem. The canary was sacrificed to provide a window of opportunity for escape.  Read more.

27 January 2022 | PKN Packaging News

The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is working with industry to deliver a phase-out of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in fibre-based, food contact packaging, that is consistent with the objectives of the National PFAS Position Statement.  Read more.

21 January 2022 | Paper Advance

For many, coffee is how we start the day, but what happens to our paper coffee cups after we dispose of them? Well, many of these coffee cups, along with other containers are shipped to landfills – representing both a massive environmental problem and a missed opportunity.  Read more.

19 January 2022 | AFPA

Australia’s forest industries congratulate and welcome Andrew Leighton to his appointment as new Chief Executive Officer of Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA).  Read more.

18 January 2022 | VISY

Visy chatted with Kate Allison, Senior Marketing Manager, about the increasing call for recycled packaging and how Visy’s Re+ brand is addressing the strong market demand.  Read more.

13 January 2022 | Packaging Europe

According to a study conducted by Graz University of Technology in Austria, fibre-based packaging material can be recycled at least 25 times without losing its mechanical or structural integrity.  Read more.

12 January 2022 | Packaging Innovation

Perhaps you’re keen to commit last year to the time capsule. But, before you do, it’s important to acknowledge how very recent years have permanently altered the landscape which businesses like yours must now find their footing in.  Read more.

11 January 2022 | Papnews

Voith has achieved an ambitious sustainability goal: as of the beginning of 2022, Voith has successfully reduced the CO2 emissions at all its sites to “net zero.” Therefore, the Group’s operations will be climate neutral from January onwards.  Read more.

8 January 2022 | Packaging World

ThePackHub continues to report many instances of brands and retailers switching primarily from plastic to other often paper-based alternatives. Some, but not all, support the move with positive evidence of these changes' environmental impact.  Read more.

8 January 2022 | Valmet

Valmet introduces new advanced features in the IQ Profilers product portfolio. Uniform paper or board profiles will improve machine runnability and end-product quality. In addition, improved profiles enable the possibility to achieve raw material savings and better energy efficiency, which together with Valmet’s multivariable control concepts directly reduces also CO2 emissions.  Read more.

8 January 2022 | BTG

The bestselling consistency transmitter in the world today is BTG’s MEK. It is a unique consistency transmitter that can be found in the majority of pulp and paper mills around the world. The MEK technology is the cornerstone of the BTG Instruments portfolio and has been for almost 50 years.   Read more.

27 November 2021 | IndustryEdge

Each year Australia reprocesses around 1.7 million tonnes of recovered paper, exporting a further 1.0 million tonnes. A small volume ends up in landfill each year and some remains in permanent storage. The system is largely in balance, where the ‘balancing item’ is currently annual exports. Read more.

27 November 2021 | IndustryEdge

Australia’s newsprint imports were 31% lower year-ended September, slumping to 70.7 kt from 102.1 kt the year prior. Amidst the import slump, itself driven by continual demand pressures, the real story is the emphasis by manufacturers on re-setting prices, on more favorable terms. This is a global phenomenon. There are local ramifications. Read more.

25 November 2021 | IndustryEdge

Any business doing maintenance or installing new equipment knows that in addition to lengthy delays, the price of new machinery and other equipment, of fabricated metal, and a range of other inputs has exploded over the last year. The latest data shows the largest cost increases are yet to flow through to some downstream industries, including printing. Read more.

25 November 2021 | PKN Packaging News

Opal Specialty Packaging has partnered with De Bortoli Wines to individualise the winemaker's 2021 Wine Advent Calendar boxes by using digital print creating a unique mix of colours and decorations on the packaging, ensuring that no two boxes are the same. Read more.

19 November 2021 | AFPA

Australia’s potential as a bioenergy powerhouse has been unveiled in the Australian Renewable Agency’s (ARENA) Bioenergy Roadmap, which recognises the potential of industrial heat in Australia’s future renewable energy mix. Read more.

17 November 2021 | Timberbiz

Australia’s nine Regional Forestry Hubs have received a $9 million funding boost to support growth in the forest industries. Spread out for the next four years, the funding is part of a $10.6 million national investment which will help finance the existing forestry hubs around Australia, as well as establish two new hubs in Eden in New South Wales, and in the Northern Territory. Source: Timberbiz. Read more.

15 November 2021 | Paper Advance

Mondi, global leader in packaging and paper, commissioned a life cycle assessment (LCA) comparing its new ground-breaking paper pallet wrapping innovation, Advantage StretchWrap, with conventional plastic stretch film wrapping. The full study was conducted by an external consultancy, is ISO-compliant and includes an external critical review. Read more.

12 November 2021 | Food Manufacturing & Technology

Food and snack manufacturer Arnott’s Group has announced that all of its new point-of-sale displays will be 100% recyclable. In a bid to reduce its plastic usage and bring it closer to the 2025 national packaging targets, the displays will be using water-soluble varnish instead of laminates and cardboard clips instead of plastic ones. Read more.

12 November 2021 | Paper Advance

In partnership with BillerudKorsnäs, Oatly has implemented an innovative secondary packaging solution for products produced in Oatly’s Singapore Factory, enabling a reduction in secondary packaging material by up to 35% and an estimated reduction of CO2 emissions from secondary packaging by up to 50%*, compared to conventional packaging solutions. Read more.

Index Engineering Ltd has purchased a kiln shell laser. This state-of-the-art piece of equipment is a contact-free measurement tool, used to determine the deformation in rotary kilns, dryers and other slowly rotating large cylinders during operation. This will provide detailed information on the kiln shell, enabling our clients to take appropriate action to reduce maintenance costs. Read more.

GAW Technologies receives order from Renewcell for the delivery of a hydrosulfite dissolving plant for a new textile-recycling mill. Read more.

11 November 2021 | PKN Packaging News

Tasmanian Salmon producer Petuna is switching from polystyrene packaging to cardboard, in a move that it said will divert more than 150,000 polystyrene boxes from landfill annually. The packaging, produced collaboratively with fibre packaging converter Opal, has resulted in an innovative, sustainable alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS) for whole fish packaging and transportation. Read more.

11 November 2021 | Pulpaper news.com

Interliner is the liner which lies between the flutes in double wall corrugated cardboard. The product is manufactured for use in the type of corrugated cardboard which is produced and utilised in Asia. Read more.

28 October 2021 | IndustryEdge

Local fibre-based beverage carton suppliers continue to pursue stand-alone recycling options in Australia and New Zealand, aiming to deliver sustainable solutions that are suited to the local market. Their efforts are set to deliver for the producers and their brand owners, and the entire recovered paper supply chain. Read more.

28 October 2021 | IndustryEdge

The newest addition to IndustryEdge’s suite of trade price indexes – for packaging papers – has been released, for the exclusive use of IndustryEdge subscribers. Periodically, IndustryEdge will make the headline indexes publicly available, as part of its ongoing communications and information program. The sub-indices will only be available to subscribers, after this initial launch. Read more.

28 October 2021 | IndustryEdge

No reminders are required that coated papers have had it tough the last decade. That is true in New Zealand, but the latest data hints that the market is stabilising and may have reached the bottom. Read more.

28 October 2021 | Appita

Pranav Nair, Graduate Engineer from Opal Australian Paper was today announced winner of the 2021 New Speaker Competition Australia Runoff. The competition was hosted by the Appita Young Professionals Network and proudly sponsored by Albany International, AstenJohnson, Kadant, Kemira, Manildra Group, Scandinavian Electronics, Solvay, UJL, Valmet and Nalco Water. Read more.

28 October 2021 | Appita

Caine Davies, Graduate Process Engineer from Oji Fibre Solutions Tasman was today announced Winner of the 2021 New Speaker Competition New Zealand Runoff. The competition was hosted by Appita New Zealand Section and proudly sponsored by Wood Beca, Valmet Pty Ltd, Chemiplas and Scion. Read more.

26 October 2021 | Pulpaper News

Stora Enso has introduced the newest addition to its NaturaFluff pulp product portfolio, NaturaFluff Eco by Stora Enso. NaturaFluff Eco is a new fluff pulp grade with a lower carbon footprint, enabling producers of hygiene products – such as baby diapers, incontinence pads and feminine care – to offer consumers a new generation of environmentally friendly, absorbent hygiene products. Read more.

25 October 2021 | PKN Packaging News

Davidson Branding has developed a name, brand and product packaging for Ferguson Plarre's new range of richly flavoured frozen bake-at-home pies.

Inspired by foodie culture, the packaging design of the new plant-based and meat ‘Pie Society’ branded pie range features bold, diagonal stripes overlaid onto kraft paper reflecting the artisan, crafted nature of the pie – a nod to Ferguson Plarre’s iconic red and white bakeries. Read more.

14 October 2021 | AFPA

To assist the vital policy debate taking place this week about Australia’s climate change targets, the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) has launched Storing Carbon For A Cleaner Future: A Snapshot, which clearly and succinctly explains the role forest industries are playing and can play in climate change mitigation. Read more.

7 October 2021 | PKN

The Victorian government has given $2.1m in grants to ten research organisations with the aim of creating new products that can use recycled materials including plastic, paper, glass, cardboard and tyres. Read more.

6 October 2021 | Papnews

Essity is investing in enhanced efficiency in the company´s site in Kawerau, New Zealand, including the world’s first tissue machine running a fully geothermal steam drying process. Together with a reduction in pulp consumption, reduced waste and elimination of the burning of natural gas on the machine, the improvements will contribute to a reduction of carbon emissions by 23 percent from the Kawerau site. Read more.

01 October 2021 

RAK Mill, Indonesia, signs new ABB contract as part of digital transformation project to help achieve its highest ever production. Read more.

01 October 2021 

One profile measurement geometry for detecting and classifying all surface defects keeping focus on dents and elevated defects. This measurement can detect very small dents and elevated defects in a very high accuracy. It is suitable for standard paper and board machines. Read more.

29 September 2021 |IndustryEdge

In 2020-21, for the first time, uncoated woodfree Cut Reams accounted for more than two-thirds of the total UCWF market. Coming in at 67.4% of the total, New Zealand’s copy paper supplies joined Australia’s which have been persistently at the two-thirds mark for the last three years. Read more

29 September 2021 |IndustryEdge

The value of Australia’s monthly recovered paper exports hit a thirty-two month high in July, as the monthly average export price was the second highest on record at AUDFob257/t.  Read more

29 September 2021 |IndustryEdge

Australia’s total woodchip exports were 3.4% lower year-ended July 2021 than for the corresponding period in the prior year, reaching 4.859 million bdmt (bone dried metric tonnes). Underscoring some of the sector dynamics, hardwood chip exports over the period were down 11.7% to 4.021 million bdmt, while their softwood counterparts were up a substantial 76.7% to 0.838 million bdmt.  Read more

27 September 2021 | Visy

Today is ‘FSC Friday’, a day designated by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) to raise awareness about the importance of responsible forest management (FSC C008345). Visy is a FSC certificate holder and a member of FSC Australia and New Zealand. We have more than 70 certified sites in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and China.  Read more

15 September 2021 |Oji

In this recent COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria, GV Cares, a volunteer organisation, rallied suppliers and volunteers to help feed thousands of families in the Shepparton region. With 30% of the town in isolation, many Shepparton residents could not leave home to get food and necessities. OjiFS has a packaging distribution centre in Shepparton and is firmly part of the wider community. So, supporting this worthy cause by donating boxes was an easy decision.  Read more

9 September 2021 | PKN

The ongoing shipping crisis is causing an increasing number of Australian companies to look at sourcing packaging locally, as importing from China becomes more costly and takes longer.  Read more

8 September 2021 | AFPA

The West Australian Government’s announcement that from 2024 it will cease utilising hardwoods from its own forests has been condemned by the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) as a decision driven by politics not science.  Read more

7 September 2021 | PKN

Australian renewable packaging company Opal Group has undergone a major cloud transition after its previous provider, Fujitsu, said it would stop supporting its data storage network.  Read more

Join us on the 28th of October, to support our 2021 New Speaker contestants at the Australian and New Zealand run-off competitions! The winner of this competition will compete at the New Speakers Final Competition on 19 November 2021.

This competition is an important and significant event on the Appita calendar and offers the opportunity for our young professionals to develop their presentation skills, and to present in front of a wider audience, as part of their ongoing training and development.

2021 New Speakers Competition Runoff – New Zealand
28 October 2021, Copthorne Hotel, Rotorua, New Zealand commencing @ 6:00 pm NZST.
Proudly sponsored by Valmet, WoodBeca, Chemiplas NZ and Scion.
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2021 New Speakers Competition Runoff – Australia – Hosted by Appita YPN
28 October 2021, 10:00 am – 12:45 pm AEST – Virtual via Zoom
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23 AUGUST 2021 IndustryEdge

Rather than diminishing over time, global shipping and freight delays are worsening on many routes, in the lead up to the busiest time of year: Christmas. With retailer’s order books completed, many are now scrambling to ensure they get sufficient capacity on vessels and their supply chain has enough shipping containers to get the ordered goods onto their shelves for what is expected to be the busiest Christmas ever.  Read more

23 AUGUST 2021 IndustryEdge

In a year like no other, the incredible surges in demand for tissue and hygiene products, for home deliveries and corrugated boxes, was matched by unparalleled shifts in demand for printed media.  Read more

19 AUGUST 2021 IndustryEdge

Almost every month, IndustryEdge is asked why it tracks woodchip vessel movements, especially into and out of Australia. After all, you rely on formal trade data for many of your other data sets. True we say, but the difference with woodchips is that there is often no formal trade data available. How could that be?  Read more


Following concerted efforts from the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) and industry, the ACT Government has today allowed forestry and timber operations to resume as essential industries under the Territory’s COVID lockdown rules. Read more

17 AUGUST 2021 Pulpaper News.com

Andritz has received an order from Visy Pulp & Paper for a 243,000 m3 chip handling and storage system, including a Stacker Reclaimer RST360, for its Tumut mill in New South Wales, Australia. Read more


Australia’s forest industries have welcomed Senator Rex Patrick raising concerns about the slow pace of planting more production trees under the Federal Government’s Billion Trees for Jobs and Growth Plan. Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Ross Hampton said, “Forest industries and builders around Australia, desperate for domestic timber supplies, strongly welcomed the announcement of the Plan to grow the plantation estate when the Federal Government released it three years ago. Read more

10 AUGUST 2021 Opal Australian Paper

In partnership with Detpak, Opal Australian Paper is supporting a local recycling solution for coffee cups. Recovered paper fibres from RecycleMe™, a brand by Detpak, are used to produce Hallmark gift wrap, providing a recyclable alternative for used coffee cups. Read more

6 AUGUST 2021 IndustryEdge

Latest log export data for Australia and New Zealand tells two radically different stories. New Zealand’s log exports are booming and the price is at record levels. Meantime, Australia’s trade is constrained on both fronts, despite the strength of global demand for fibre.  Read more

4 AUGUST 2021 Manufacturers Monthly

Deanne Heier, Norske Skog and Grace Kube, Norkse Skog Tasman announced as finalists for the 2021 Women in Industry Award. This year the Women in Industry Award, recognises Australian women who are making a name for themselves in the manufacturing industry. Read more

29 JULY 2021 IndustryEdge

Combined Australian and New Zealand regional production capacity sits just short of 3.8 million tonnes of paper and board in mid-2021. The reduction of around 150,000 tonnes per annum, resulting from the Tasman (Norske Skog) closure at the end of June, would have been worse, if not for the recent reprieve for the Whakatane Board Mill (SIG Combibloc but soon Smurfit).  Read more

29 JULY 2021 IndustryEdge

Australia’s imports of corrugating medium – including semi-chemical fluting – fell a sizeable 31% year-ended May 2021, declining to 32,644 tonnes. Despite the sharp fall in volumes, the average import price was just 0.5% lower than a year earlier, declining to AUDFob649/t.  Read more

28 JULY 2021 

On the 28th of July, Appita YPN held its first hybrid conference titled Net Zero Carbon Emissions. The event was proudly sponsored by WoodBeca.

Maia Ireland-Blake, Chair Appita YPN New Zealand and conference moderator said “It was great to hear from such a diverse range of industry experts who shared their insights into what decarbonisation of our industry will look like, and what challenges we’ll face along the way. We thank our moderators, speakers and panelists for their engaging and thought-provoking insight and perspectives. Also a special thank you to our conference sponsor Wood Beca and our conference partners BioPRIA, Norske Skog, Opal, Visy, and WPI who made this conference possible.”

Recordings of the live stream will be available to delegates from Monday 2nd August. If you missed the event, don’t worry you can still register to view the event.  Click here

23 JULY 2021 Food Technology & Manufacturing

Mondi and Unilever have jointly developed a high-barrier, paper-based packaging material for Unilever’s Colman’s dry Meal Maker and Sauces range by reducing plastic, increasing paper content and consequently ensuring recyclability in the existing UK paper waste stream.  Read more

21 JULY 2021 Papnews

ANDRITZ has launched CircleToZero®, a holistic program for the pulp-producing industry with the goal of providing strong support to customers in their efforts to achieve maximum, sustainable production, aiming at zero emissions and zero waste production.  Read more

20 JULY 2021 Visy

Today the Tumut mill, Visy’s paper manufacturing operation in NSW, celebrates the 20 year anniversary of the VP9 pulp mill start up.  Read more

20 JULY 2021 Paper Advance

Packaging has the potential to become a sustainability hero. But designing solutions with the best possible impact on the planet, people and brands is a delicate balancing act.  Read more

16 JULY 2021 PKN

New recommendations in the UK allow paperboard packaging to contain up to 15 per cent plastic and still be considered recyclable. One item of such packaging can have 80 per cent less climate impact compared with the corresponding all-plastic packaging.  Read more

15 JULY 2021 PKN

A seemingly small, yet significant, change has been made to how Nestle Purina Australia accessories, such as pet toys or collars, are secured to the backing card used for hang-sell display. Previously, accessories have been secured with cable ties made from virgin nylon plastic, which can’t be recycled due to their size and weight. These have now been switched for either bespoke paper ties or recyclable ‘origami style’ folded paper.  Read more

08 JULY 2021 Paper Advance

Bathroom sinks made of wood fibre, energy derived from garbage, skyscrapers built of cross-laminated timber, and carbon fibre that is used in Formula 1 cars are all examples of bioproducts that are helping us replace the use of fossil fuels in our everyday lives.  Read more

01 JULY 2021 AFPA

A larger national take-up of renewable wood-fibre packaging products could have avoided the waste and recycling sector’s collision course with today’s ban on sending mixed plastics overseas for processing, Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Chief Executive Officer, Ross Hampton said.  Read more

01 JULY 2021 ABB

ABB celebrates 70 years of providing Quality Control Systems to papermakers for outstanding process visibility and advanced control.  Read more

01 JULY 2021 UJL Solutions

Recently PCF Maintenance BV from Europe has installed their new PCF Dryer fabric cleaners with great success at various locations globally (including Australia).  Read more

30 JUNE 2021 NZ Herald

The mood is "sombre" inside Kawerau's Tasman paper mill as production grinds to a halt for the final time. Newsprint production stopped yesterday and workers are now preparing the mill to hand over assets to any potential buyers including the plant and equipment. Mill workers will still be employed until at least mid-July to help with the cleanup. Site manager Steve Brine said it wasn't an easy night during the final shut down.  Read more