26 June 2024 | Appita

We are excited to announce the newly appointed Executive Committee of Appita.
Their experience, diverse perspectives, passion, and dedication to advancing the pulp, paper, packaging, and bioproducts industries will be invaluable in supporting Appita's mission to drive industry innovation and growth.

We look forward to their leadership and contributions as we continue to advance our industry together.

A special thank you to our outgoing president, David Vercoe, for his exceptional leadership and service to Appita. Thank you to Deanne Heier from Norske Skog, who today completed her 2-year term on the Appita EC; your contributions have been invaluable to Appita and the committees and networks we support.  Read more
EC 2024  

25 June 2024 | Pulpaper.news.com

Both attractive and sturdy, this eco-designed packaging offers robust protection while opening impactful visual possibilities. Its sleeve openings and high-quality printing area break the mould of the traditional format. The packaging's innovative, highly resistant design is the result of research and development geared to the needs of processors, retailers and consumers alike. Cascades Fresh GUARD EnVision™ enhances egg visibility and protection, reinforces brand presence on shelves and optimizes packaging operations.  Read more

25 June 2024 | Pulpaper.com

95% of the plastic air pillows used in Amazon’s North American delivery packaging have been replaced with paper filler, the company claims, with a complete phase-out expected by the end of the year.  Read more

21 June 2024 | Timberbiz

Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester says he is committed to continuing to expose the hypocrisy of bans on the native hardwood timber industry after visiting Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) in Heyfield.  Read more

19 June 2024 | PKN

Rivareno is launching a new double-walled cardboard take home gelato tub to replace styrofoam tubs in its stores. The new packaging, the first of its kind in Australia, aims to offer a sustainable solution for transporting and storing gelato.  Read more

7 June 2024 | Paper Advance

European companies Stora Enso and Altris have joined forces to create a game-changer in the battery industry: the world's most sustainable battery. Stora Enso, a leader in biomaterials, brings Lignode® to the table. This innovative material is a hard carbon derived from lignin, a byproduct of wood pulp production. Lignode® serves as a sustainable alternative to anode materials in both lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries.  Read more

7 June 2024 | Index Engineering

Index Engineering has recently invested in a portable 3D scanner. This scanner enables the capture of photorealistic accurate images of existing plant and equipment with a full-dome scan, enabling us to create visualisations of planned work prior to installation.  Read more

7 June 2024 | Norske Skog Boyer

Norske Skog Boyer worked with Valmet in months of intensive research which led them to find the root cause of their undefined production challenges. The solution was to upgrade the pulp mill’s screening system, which immediately led to improved pulp quality and paper strength.  Read more

05 June 2024 | AFPA

After a long campaign by the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Australia’s forest industry can now celebrate the removal of the ‘water rule’ that for years has deterred new timber plantings participating in the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), AFPA Chief Executive Officer, Diana Hallam said today.  Read more

05 June 2024 | PKN

Some of the country’s largest packaging and materials suppliers, including Amcor, Orora, and Visy, are championing more inclusive and gender balanced workplaces by joining the National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO).  Read more

30 May 2024 | Oji

Packaging New South Wales recently unveiled a captivating rotating cube-globe at their site entrance, showcasing the exceptional talent and creativity of their design team. This innovative display adds to their impressive portfolio of creative installations, including over 1,000 paper cranes as part of last year’s companywide origami challenge and a life-sized flower cart.  Read more

15 May 2024 | AFPA

Australia’s forest products sector welcomes the Federal Government’s ongoing support in the 2024-25 Federal Budget, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Diana Hallam said today.  Read more

15 May 2024 | Packaging World

Packaging and processing executives are finding AI can be beneficial in areas like connecting disparate machine systems and uncovering unknown problems within operations.  Read more

13 May 2024 | Holmen Iggesund

Invercote Touch is a brand-new, unique, uncoated paperboard that enables brands to create premium packaging products that have a natural look and feel. With the same technical characteristics as other products in the Invercote family, Invercote Touch delivers a tactile experience without compromising on performance.  Read more

6 May 20924 | Visy

Today, we're launching an Australian-made temporary floor and surface protection —Visy Tread. Visy Tread is made from 100% recycled paper, made in Australia, and can be easily recycled through Australian kerbside recycling bins.  Read more

3 May 2024 | Timberbiz

To say that the money spent on the Green Triangle’s network of smoke detection cameras was well spent is an understatement. That at least 33 fire events were averted in the most recent fire season is nothing short of amazing. The system also positively identified 24 planned fuel reduction burns for a total of 57 detections for the season as well as the detection of thousands of private permit burns late in the season.  Read more

3 May 2024 | Aurelia

Aurelia Group is proud to announce the successful completion of PSM-Q demonstrations at two recycled-paper machines at a mill in Southeast Asia. The first installation was on a gypsum board machine. The second installation was made on a recycled machine making test liners and flutings.  Read more

3 May 2024 | Georgia-Pacific

Even in a modern Kraft pulp mill, some continuous processes still require regular human intervention. Around the black liquor recovery boiler, such work can be physically demanding and can carry inherent risks.  Read more

23 April 2024 | Papnews

Ever grab a paper cup for your morning coffee? They’re handy, keep things clean, and convenient for on-the-go. But with growing concerns about sustainability, you might wonder: Are they bad for the environment? Are paper cups sustainable? Let’s explore the facts about paper cups.  Read more

22 April 2024 | Timberbiz

A report recently prepared by Synergies Economic Consulting on behalf of Kimberly-Clark Australia (KCA) has been released and provides a snapshot of the socio-economic contribution of Millicent mill to the Australian economy.  Read more

22 April 2024 | PKN Packaging

Milklab has partnered with carton recycling operation saveBoard to transform recycled waste, including long-life milk cartons, into low-carbon building materials to be used as the walls of Milklab Lane at the 2024 Melbourne International Coffee Expo, to be held on 12-14 May.  Read more

22 April 2024 | Packaging World

Johnson’s says it struck a balance between sustainability and consumer savings with its new range of Baby Refill cartons.  Read more

18 April 2024 | Oji

The team at Kinleith Mill demonstrated commendable support for the "Love Grace Handbag Appeal" by Women’s Refuge, an initiative aimed at collecting new or gently used handbags. These are not merely handbags; they are vessels of hope, large enough to hold a selection of key necessities, thus providing security and dignity to women in need.  Read more

16 April 2024 | Packaging Europe

Storopack’s new paper cushioning system, PAPERplus Classic CX, produces paper cushions that adapt to the shape of shipping goods and protect medium-sized and large shipping cartons from damage.  Read more

16 April 2024 | UJL News

Superior UV-light Based Oil Detection in Food Packaging from Procemex. In the world of food packaging, ensuring the highest quality standards is a top priority. One often-overlooked aspect is the detection of oil defects on packaging boards, a critical element in the food industry. The commonly used traditional detection methods fall short, capturing only around 50% of oil defects. With the patented Procemex UV inspection you get close to 100% certainty in safeguarding your product quality and customer satisfaction. To read more

11 April 2024 | PKN Packaging

Industry groups and local manufacturers, including Kimberly-Clark Australia, have voiced approval of the government's Future Made in Australia Act announced by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, although there's recognition that the plan needs "fleshing out".  Read more

02 April 2024 | PKN 

An investment of $80m in the Whakatane Mill will boost folding board production by 66,000 tonnes a year to 230,000 tonnes, and will pave the way for a further increase of 100,000 tonnes a year capacity.  Read more

20 March 2024 | Pulpaper.news.com

Seaman Paper, a leading global manufacturer of environmentally sustainable specialty paper and packaging solutions, today announced the launch of SeaStretch™, a patented lightweight paper-based alternative to single-use plastic stretch film used to wrap and contain shipping and storage loads.  Read more

13 March 2024 | The Advertiser

Kimberly-Clark is slashing emissions at its Millicent mill in SA, but warns of the battle with imports that aren’t held to the same environmental standards. Read more

13 March 2024 | Timberbiz

The future of sustainable forestry has received a significant boost yesterday with the official launch of the Albanese Government’s $100 million Australian Forest and Wood Innovations (AFWI) program. Read more

11 March 2024 | PKN Packaging

Around 9,600 tonnes of material will be diverted from Victorian landfills every year thanks to a $3.4 million for six new recycling projects from the Federal and Victorian governments. Read more

8 March 2024 | Pulpapernewz.com

Pharmaceutical product packaging accounts for a large part of manufacturers’ Scope 3 emissions, which consider, for example raw material production, manufacturing, and end-of-life disposal. According to Metsä Board studies, fresh fibre paperboard can notably reduce the carbon footprint of pharmaceutical packaging by optimising the paperboard in use.  Read more

7 March 2024 | Packaging World

A successful switch from PE to paper for organic mattress and bedding company Naturepedic is a case study in CPG and machinery supplier collaboration.  Read more

5 March 2024 | ABC Gippsland

One of  Australia's largest paper and packaging companies has told workers it plans to cut 220 jobs across its Australian and New Zealand businesses. Opal is the local subsidiary of Japanese paper giant Nippon and runs a paper production mill at Maryvale in Victoria's Latrobe Valley. Read more

5 March 2024 | Packaging Europe

Earlier this year, Amazon announced the rollout of an innovative scheme that it hopes can help to reduce unnecessary packaging – an issue for which it has frequently been criticised in the past. The ‘Ships in Product Packaging’ programme tests packages to see if they can be shipped in their original manufacturer’s packaging, eliminating the need for extra cardboard boxes or paper bags from Amazon.  Read more

5 March 2024 | Aurelia

Following another successful trial of the PSM-Q non-destructive stiffness measurement system at a large packaging paper mill in Europe, Aurelia is celebrating by running a sales promotion for customers in Australasia. The promotion gives potential users the opportunity to buy a complete measurement system for a fraction of the usual price. The promotion ends on 10 May 2024. After the three systems are sold the unit reverts to its original list price. For more information and to find out how to participate, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Read more

4 March 2024 | Opal ANZ

The Maryvale Energy from Waste (EfW) project has been successfully awarded the first Energy from Waste licence from Recycling Victoria under the Waste to Energy Scheme.  Read more

29 February 2024 | Visy

The move away from single use plastic continues to move apace, as we launch an Australian-made retail paper bag, that is recyclable through Australian kerbside recycling bins. Read more

22 February 2024 | Paper Advance

Stockholm, 20 February 2024. Less raw material, less waste, fewer emissions – the circular economy is at the top of the agenda. Choosing fibre-based packaging such as paper carrier bags is one piece of the puzzle that retailers and brand owners can complete to take the next step in contributing to the bio-based circular economy. Paper carrier bags are a welcome resource in the paper recycling mix. A member of the initiative “The Paper Bag” explains how paper carrier bags are recycled into new fibre-based products. An infographic shows the cycle of paper carrier bags. Read more

15 February 2024 | AFPA

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) is pleased to announce that experienced government relations professional Ms Diana Hallam has accepted the Board’s offer to become the Association’s new permanent Chief Executive Officer. Read more

15 February 2024 | PKN Packaging

Ahead of Easter, Cadbury Australia is making reductions to the amount of plastic and cardboard used in its packaging for select Hollow Hunting Eggs and Easter Gift Boxes sold in Australia and New Zealand. Read more

15 February 2024 | PKN Packaging

UK supermarket Tesco is rolling out a range of beige toilet roll and kitchen towel made from used cardboard. The recycled cardboard content in the rolls accounts for a minimum of 70 per cent, with the remainder of the pulp derived from other recycled paper sources, the supermarket giant says. Read more

14 February 2024 | Pulpapernews.com

Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, proudly unveils a fresh initiative to highlight the values of its containerboard materials that we use in our everyday lives. In partnership with Olympian skateboarder Julia Brückler, Mondi challenges myths around making paper through a fusion of innovation, sustainability and athleticism. Read more

12 February 2024 | Opal

This year marks the 9th International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The day is an annual observance that celebrates the achievements and contributions of women and girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). At Opal, science plays an important role in our day-to-day operations in Australia and New Zealand. We’re proud to recognise our team members’ contribution through STEM across our different sites. Read more

1 February 2024 | PKN

Australians will now have access to recycling instructions on qualifying paper cups, thanks to a partnership between the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation’s (APCO) Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) program and paper cup recycling program Simply Cups. Read more

1 February 2024 | GAW Technologies

GAW Technologies & KANZAN (part of the Oji Group) recently started-up the new working stations for the curtain coater incl. deaeration. Read more about this successful collaboration

30 November 2023 | Paper Advance

After four years of research and development, SOFi Products is excited to reveal its new 100% plastic-free, biodegradable cup for hot beverages that doesn't require a separate lid. The SOFi Hot Cup features three flaps that fold together to form a spill-proof spout. This design eliminates the need for a separate plastic lid, saving businesses money, storage space and freight costs. The company's breakthrough patent-pending locking mechanism also ensures unmatched spill protection, while its proprietary water-based coating eliminates soggy sips. Read more

17 November 2023 | AFPA

Australia’s forestry and forest products sector is celebrating this year’s AgDay 2023 theme ‘Grow you good thing’ – recognising that our forestry, timber manufacturing and pulp and paper industries are essential to the food and fibre supply chain across the country and the world, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Natasa Sikman said today. Read more

16 November 2023 | Packaging World

With advanced AI software, dexterous “hands,” and full body mobility, will humanoid robots be the answer to the shortage of labor on the packaging line?. Read more

15 November 2023 | Opal

Opal’s world class, $140 million corrugated cardboard packaging facility in Wodonga was officially opened today, during National Recycling Week. Read more

10 November 2023 | Oji Fibre Solutions

Our new Packaging Southern facility has been recognised for its exceptional stormwater management practices, taking out the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee (CWMZC) Stormwater Superhero award for 2023. Read more

8 November 2023 | Opal

Thread Together reached out to Brad Hinds, Group General Manager – Fibre, to request support and without hesitation, Brad responded favourably. “Thread Together is such a worthy cause and we are really happy to be donating our cardboard boxes to them. Read more

8 November 2023 | PulpaperNews.com

Enabled by foam forming technology, VTT's formable cellulose-based webs with 30% extensibility were used to make rigid packages using an industrial product packaging line. This opens up the manufacturing of a wide range of sustainable packaging solutions. Read more

1 November 2023 | PKN

Sustainable packaging company BioPak says it is supporting food rescue organisation OzHarvest with a new Christmas cup campaign launched on 1 November, with the goal to deliver 20,000 meals to people in need this holiday season. Read more

1 November 2023 | UJL

UJL Solutions Pty Ltd is introducing the new Feltest Capto V4 pull clamp to help make the installation of Paper Machine Clothing safer for both operators and the fabrics. The Feltest Capto has the following usages: Fabric puller, Canvas puller, Canvas clamp, Felt puller and Felt clamp. Read more

26 October 2023 | Packaging Europe

Colpac, a UK food packaging manufacturer and designer, is providing easily accessible recycling and composting guidelines for its paperboard food packaging via on-pack QR codes and product webpages, with the aim of supporting end users in making informed product choices and responsibly disposing of waste. Read more

25 October 2023 | Packaging Europe

Releaf Paper, a Ukrainian producer of paper products and packaging made from fallen leaves, has announced its latest offerings: the ‘Fallen Leaf Collection’ and ‘Natural Kraft Collection’. Read more

24 October 2023 | Paper Advance

Fibre moulding is an area that is developing rapidly, not least because new technologies enable the manufacture of products with properties that can compete with plastic applications. Read more

18 October 2023 | Opal

Opal has created 400 fun and comfy ‘pop-up’ cardboard box seats for City of Canterbury Bankstown’s free Movies Under the Stars outdoor cinema series. Read more

16 October 2023 | Oji Fibre Solutions

We are proud to announce all 25 OjiFS-owned forests, totalling 7,565 hectares and located in the Central North Island Fibre Basket (CNIFB) of New Zealand, are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified. Read more

11 October 2023 | Pulpapernews.com

Norske Skog has completed a transaction for the sale of the Tasman mill industrial site and remaining mill assets to the Australasian pulp, paper, and packaging group Oji Fibre Solutions for approximately NOK 70 million (NZD 10.9 million). The sale of the mill site and realisation of certain other related assets, including buildings, electricity equipment, piping, water, and other infrastructure, will generate a total financial gain on sale of approximately NOK 57 million (NZD 8.8 million). Read more

09 October 2023 | Visy

Up to 1 million boxes will be made each day at Visy’s new corrugated cardboard box factory in Hemmant, Queensland. The new factory—opened today by Queensland Treasurer Cameron Dick and Federal Minister for Industry and Science, Ed Husic —will make cardboard boxes for Queensland’s thriving food and beverage companies, farmers and growers. Read more

09 October 2023 | Packaging Europe

Qwarzo is a barrier coating made from silicon dioxide that can be used to replace plastic and PFAS on paper, textiles, and metal – and it has already been validated by brands like Unilever and Innocent. Read more

03 October 2023 | Oji Fibre Solutions

2023 marks 150 years since our parent company, Oji Holdings Corporation, was founded. Oji Fibre Solutions (OjiFS) has been a proud member of the Oji Group, as we know it today, since 2014. We are privileged to be owned by a truly sustainable organisation that has stood the test of time and had a remarkable journey of growth to become the fourth-largest pulp and paper company in the world. Read more

01 October 2023 | Index Engineering

Index Engineering recently received two awards for work at OjiFS - Kinleith Mill: Best Reliability Improvement Project (MESNZ) and a Gold Award for consulting excellence (ACE New Zealand). Read more

01 October 2023 | UJL

Tasowheel’s newest technology provides a range of benefits, that are sure to streamline measuring processes and enhance the workflow. This tool makes possible accurate slice gap measurement and automatically store all measurement data. Read more

20 September 2023 | Opal

Development Licence application for planned changes at the Maryvale Mill – open for public review. Opal’s application to EPA Victoria regarding a development licence (DL) is now being publicly advertised on the Engage Victoria website. Read more

14 September 2023 | Oji Fibre Solutions

Oji Kinleith is incredibly proud of their Kinleith Planning and Shut Down Manager, Nadine More, who is flying the flag for women in manufacturing following her success at the Mainstream Asset Management Conference in Melbourne last month - one of the largest maintenance conferences in the Southern Hemisphere. Read more

14 September 2023 | Packaging Europe

Coca-Cola HBC is piloting a cardboard and paper alternative to plastic shrink film for 1.5-litre multipacks of Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Sprite sold in Austria – a move anticipating a 200-tonne reduction in plastic every year. Read more

12 September 2023 | Paper Advance

Natural Resources Canada announced over $1.5 million to FPInnovations for an innovative project that aims to develop asphalt that contains wood-derived products from Canada’s forest sector. The new asphalt being tested contains a renewable bioproduct, lignin, which is intended to replace a portion of the petroleum-based bitumen currently found in the asphalt used in roads. Read more

8 September 2023 | Print 21

Opal has sold its envelopes operation to The Camerons Group, as the repercussions from the judgement in favour of a possum, that stopped logging by VicForests, continue to impact the company. Read more

07 September 2023 | PKN

Oji Fibre Solutions (OjiFS), one of Australasia's leading manufacturers of pulp, paper and wood-fibre based packaging solutions, has introduced a recoverability message on pallet flags to help its B2B customers to correctly dispose of the packaging that is used to transport their product.  Read more

06 September 2023 | Packaging Europe

Paperboard wraps and clips will be applied to PepsiCo’s Pepsi, Pepsi Zero, Mountain Dew, Starry, Gatorade and, in Canada, 7UP drinks, amongst other brands. The packaging is thought to offer a consumer-friendly branded design and be easily applicable on shelves. Read more

4 September 2023 | Visy

Since opening in 1983, Visy’s paper mill in Reservoir in Melbourne’s north has made enough paper to travel to the moon and back eight times. Read more

24 August 2023 | PKN Packaging

Visy has unveiled a major $42.5 million upgrade to its paper recycling and remanufacturing campus in Coolaroo, with Premier Daniel Andrews and Federal Minister for the Environment and Water, Tanya Plibersek, in attendance. Read more

23 August 2023 | Packaging Europe

Kemira and Jain Chem are jointly developing aqueous barrier coatings for recyclable paper and board products – a move expected to replace the use of PE and PFAS in paper and board end-use applications. Read more

22 August 2023 | Packaging World

AI’s role in packaging is set to soar, as it enhances quality control, aids in supply chain management, and advise on packaging design, but cost, security, and ethics concerns must be addressed. Read more

17 August 2023 | PKN

Brisbane-based drinks company, Mandatory Spirit Co, has released a range of Australian-made flavoured vodkas, each in a compact one-litre box. The flavoured vodka range uses bag-in-box (BIB) packaging, which the company claims reduces its carbon footprint by eight times compared to using glass bottles. Read more

17 August 2023 | PKN

The Broadford Mill, a leading manufacturer and importer of pasted and specialty boards in Australasia, has introduced an angle board used to protect pallet and carton edges made entirely from recycled paper waste. Read more

16 August 2023 | Opal

This year, Opal was proud to partner with the City of Canterbury Bankstown for the Mayor’s Mission Australia Light’s Out Sleepout at Bankstown Airport. As part of the event, Opal donated 80 cardboard shelters for attendees of the sleepout. Read more

14 August 2023 | Timberbiz

The Sorbent Paper Company, owned by Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), will be reducing its workforce by around half at its manufacturing facilities in Box Hill, Melbourne with around 70 job losses expected in its production staff by the end of the year. Employees were advised last week. Read more

09 August 2023 | Packaging Europe

Naomi Stewart, Marketing Manager at Easyfairs, looks at how a consumer’s age affects their attitudes towards product packaging, and why we should get out there and design for “Generation Alpha” now. Read more

01 August 2023 | UJL

UJL Solutions Pty. Ltd introduces the new FRANK-PTI Spectro Analyser for determining brightness, colour, colour differences, fluorescence and opacity. Colour and brightness of measurements in the paper and board industry need to match the highest standards while the precision of measurements also needs to match the necessary requirements. This laboratory instrument is an outstanding tool that enables fast and easy measurements while working with the highest precision and matching all industry-relevant standards. Read more

1 August 2023 | Paper Advance

Despite its potential as an added-value product for pulp and paper mills, each year several thousand tons of lignin end up in the mills’ black liquor, which is a mixture containing cooking chemicals and residual wood material that remains after pulping. Read more

27 July 2023 | PKN Packaging News

An almost total rebuild of Visy’s Auckland material recovery facility, and installation of new sorting technology, has seen an increase of capacity by 30 per cent.

The facility is now equipped for precise and comprehensive sorting, strengthening recycling in the region. It allows Visy to create higher quality output and capture more resources from NZ’s mixed household recycling. Read more

21 July 2023 | Timberbiz

Two things are certain about Victoria. The premier Dan Andrews plays a mean political game, and certain sections of the media in that State will do all they can – indeed everything they can – to bring him down. This week it was the story that the Andrews government was being accused of plundering timber from Tasmania after announcing the closure of the Victorian industry. Read more

20 July 2023 | PKN

In partnership with Navi Co Global, Australian fresh fruit company Costa has released a paper-based bunch bag for premium grapes. Gilad Sadan is Navi Co Global’s managing director, and PKN sat down with him to learn about this new paper bunch bag, which Sadan describes as “not only an Australian first, but a global first in terms of grapes”. Read more

19 July 2023 | PKN

Unilever is trialling a new recyclable paper pot, made with FSC-certified paper, for its Pot Noodle instant hot snack brand in the UK. The new paper pot has launched exclusively in retailer Tesco, with an initial stock of 500,000 of what the company says is the brand’s most popular flavour, Chicken & Mushroom.  Read more

18 July 2023 | Pulpapernews.com

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, is investing €16 million in new technology to produce a new packaging range called FunctionalBarrier Paper Ultimate. This ultra-high barrier paper-based solution for food meets growing customer demand for sustainable packaging that contributes to a circular economy.  Read more

10 July 2023 | Opal

To provide an alternative to plastic bags and ensure that manufacturing remains local, Opal has invested in high-tech brown paper bag technology to produce retail paper bags at our Opal Bag Solutions site in Thomastown, Victoria. Opal’s paper bags are 100 per cent Australian made and are created from at least 70 per cent recycled paper. Read more

9 July 2023 | AFPA

Getting more timber trees in the ground will be a key priority for Australia’s Net Zero 2050 Plan as a practical solution that supports sovereign capability, jobs in regional areas and materials to build future houses, CEO of the Australian Forest Products Association Joel Fitzgibbon said today.  Read more

4 July 2023 | Packaging Europe

A new, 90% paper tube has been developed for Pringles crisps in a collaboration between Fost Plus and the Belgian Engineering and R&D teams at Kellogg’s, aiming for complete recyclability. Read more

4 July 2023 | UJL

Tasowheel’s innovative and modular QCS systems are always tailored to the customer’s needs, including all profiling systems, CD & MD controls, as well as first-class measurement frames and sensors. Read more

26 June 2023 | WoodCentral

Opal Australian Paper is closing the M2 machine, which manufactured white and brown packaging paper at its Maryvale Mill in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. Read more

21 June 2023 | Opal

The Maryvale Energy from Waste (EfW) project, led by consortium partners Opal, Veolia and Masdar Tribe Australia, is going from strength to strength following the signing of the grant agreement for $48.2 million under the Manufacturing Collaboration Stream of the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI). This project received the grant funding from the Australian Government as part of the Modern Manufacturing Strategy. Read more

20 June 2023 |Oji

Our Packaging teams attended the NZ Careers Expos in Christchurch 11-13 May and Auckland 15-17 June, engaging directly with the workforce of tomorrow.

A contingent of students, including their families, teachers, and career advisors from across 44 secondary schools in the Canterbury region and 41 in the Auckland region (plus the general public), attended the three-day expos to learn more about career opportunities available to them. Read more

19 June 2023 | Pulpapernews.com

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, has partnered with Syntegon, a manufacturer of process and packaging machinery, to develop a recyclable paper packaging solution using recycled fibres for dried foods such as flour, sugar and pasta. Read more

16 June 2023 | Packaging Europe

DS Smith has unveiled DD Wrap, a multi-category Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) solution designed to conserve resources, reduce waste, and facilitate a positive unboxing experience for consumers. Read more

14 June 2023 | AFPA

Australia’s forest products sector has backed the Queensland Government’s plan for a climate positive Olympic Games in 2032, including through the use of climate friendly timber and wood products in Olympic venues and infrastructure, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Natasa Sikman said today. Read more

13 June 2023 | Papnews

J&J Green Paper Inc., the creator of JANUS®, an innovative compound and process for producing water-resistant paper and packaging free from toxic oil-based materials, has closed several transformative global agreements to enable large-scale production of this environmentally friendly solution amid an ongoing global plastics crisis. This development has immense potential to revolutionize the industry, with the production run of JANUS products slated to meet early-stage orders from major brands. Read more