29 JULY 2020 IndustryEdge

At a headline level, news of the expansion of the Australian manufacturing sector will always be well received. It is good news, but it is also patchy news, because as we well know, not all sectors are faring as well as others.

The Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (Australia PMI®) lifted 9.9 points in May, to reach 51.5 points, meaning the sector recovered somewhat from the disastrous performance in April. The PMI is a diffusion index, with any result above 50.0 meaning a sector expanded and any result below it, meaning it contracted. The further away from 50.0, the bigger the expansion or contraction
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29 JULY 2020 IndustryEdge

Probably the world’s greatest dairy products exporter, New Zealand is inevitably a massive user of fibre packaging, including industrial sacks and bags. Like other forms of fibre packaging, New Zealand is largely self-sufficient in this sector, with imports playing a supporting role.  Read more

29 JULY 2020 Print21

Australia must embrace a new era of innovation and economic reform to rebound from recession and fix an inefficient economy, according to a new report published this week.  Read more

22 JULY 2020 AFPA

The blockade by timber trucks of Bunnings’ Traralgon store and a promise by timber workers to undertake more of the same, should cause Bunnings management to reconsider its short-sighted decision to close its doors on Victorian hardwood timber and the thousands who work in Victorian native forest industries, according to the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA).  Read more


Scorecards to help manufacturers make responsible decisions could be the next big thing to hit packaging.

The packaging industry hasn’t maintained a great image during the pandemic, with images of streets littered with plastic gloves and masks in the headlines. But the paper and fibre industry has been busy behind the scenes: the first paper-based spirits bottle was announced, to be launched in 2021, as well as a recyclable, home-compostable food tray made of natural wood fibres, that won the bio-based Material of the Year 2020 Award. acquisitions by an Australian owned business in Australian business history. Mr Pratt said “manufacturing has never been more important to Australia’s future.”  Read more

17 JULY 2020 Visy News

Sustainable packaging options have never been in greater demand as growers, retailers and consumers all increasingly look for fresh thinking on environmentally friendly solutions.

Visy’s innovative fibre punnets can be made from FSC® (FSC® - C008345) certified fibre, allowing customers to use the FSC® logo and provide a clear signal of the packaging’s sustainability credentials to consumers. The fibre packaging shape and format also allows for maximised branding opportunities and increased consumer engagement.   
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16 JULY 2020 Visy

Visy Executive Chairman, Anthony Pratt announced today that Visy had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Australian and New Zealand glass manufacturing business of Owens Illinois (O-I) in a deal worth almost A$1 billion.

The deal, which is expected to be completed by the end of July, is one of the biggest manufacturing acquisitions by an Australian owned business in Australian business history. Mr Pratt said “manufacturing has never been more important to Australia’s future.”  Read more

14 JULY 2020 PKN Packaging News

Alcohol giant Diageo has partnered with Pilot Lite to launch Pulpex Limited – a sustainable packaging technology company – and will release the first 100 per cent plastic free, paper-based spirits bottle for its Johnnie Walker Black Label scotch whisky.   Read more

2 JULY 2020 PKN Packaging News

KHS Group has introduced a new paper technology that provides an alternative to shrink film or wrap-around cartons for cans. The company’s Innopack Kisters tray packers can wrap cans of food and beverages in paper. KHS said the sustainability results with paper are similar to cardboard, but costs are lower with paper, as less energy and fewer materials are used. With a few minor adjustments existing machines can also be converted to the new setup.   Read more

29 JUNE 2020 IndustryEdge

Each month, the team at IndustryEdge provides an update on the state of the pulp and paper industry, as a snapshot and lead into each edition of Pulp & Paper Edge, the industry’s only market and trade analysis. This pulse of the pulp and paper industry was drafted on 25th and 26th June.

There are numerous challenges now, many still emerging, and few that have entirely passed by thus far in the global annus horribilis. This is a year when the world will surely look back and be grateful for its passing – and we are just half-way!
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23 JUNE 2020  AFPA

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) has strongly welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement of a $50 million bushfire recovery package to support fire-impacted forest product industries, announced today in Eden by the Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Read more.

22 JUNE 2020 IndustryEdge

In 2019, Australians recovered 68.2% of newsprint, despite the loss of significant offshore recycling options for Australian newsprint. The annual report, released today by NewsMediaWorks was researched and prepared by IndustryEdge and is the latest annual newsprint recycling report in a series that goes back more than twenty years. Read more.

18 JUNE 2020  - PKN

Tetra Pak aims to reach net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its own operations by 2030, with the ambition to achieve net zero GHG emissions for the entire value chain by 2050. Read more.

17 JUNE 2020  Timberbiz

The House Standing Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources has launched an inquiry into timber supply chain constraints in the Australian plantation sector. Australia’s forest productions manufacturing sector is worth more than $23 billion each year and currently, Australian plantations are unable to fully meet the sector’s demand for timber, resulting in more than 900m³ being imported each year.  Read more.

17 JUNE 2020  - Print21

In a boon for printers, lobbying from The Real Media Collective (TRMC) has seen the government exclude paper and carton from its export waste ban for the next four years at least. Printers are used to selling their wastepaper to local mills. But, the tightening of local capacity with closures, and a ban on exporting waste, meant printers may have had to pay local landfill sites to dispose of it. However, TRMC won a reprieve during a late-night Zoom meeting with Trevor Evans, the minister of waste reduction, sealing the deal.  Read more.

16 JUNE 2020  - Paper Advance

While so much has taken a back seat to the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus on sustainability remains firmly at the forefront of customer and consumer focus, new research by Bank of America has shown. Read more.

13 JUNE 2020  - AFPA

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) is urging the Federal Government to commit $50 million in funding to help turbocharge the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s (ARENA) ‘Bioenergy Roadmap’. The Roadmap will support Australia’s movement towards a renewable biofuture, creating better environmental outcomes, new innovative products, industries and jobs, and this week AFPA made its submission to ARENA on what is needed to make the Roadmap a reality.  Read more.

12 JUNE 2020  - AFPA

The Australian Forest Product Association (AFPA) has called on all Australian retailers to choose paper bags and packaging, the renewable and environmentally friendly solution, and help kickstart the Australian economy as we reopen after the pandemic. The call comes after media reports highlighting that new paper bags being offered by Woolworths as an alternative to plastic were made in China or Vietnam. Read more.

05 JUNE 2020  - News.com.au

Picking up fruit and veg at the supermarket is set to be a little different with supermarket Woolworths ditching plastic packaging for cardboard. To mark World Environment Day today, the supermarket giant has begun a trial where its Fresh Food Kids range of mini apples, pears and bananas will be packed in cardboard boxes rather than plastic bags. Read more.

01JUNE 2020 IndustryEdge

In 2020, the challenges of understanding the directions markets are headed has never been more complex. Our most reliable tools are data, facts and comprehensive analysis. If you are engaged in considering the pulp, paper, paperboard, fibre packaging, paper products and tissue sectors in any way, IndustryEdge’s Pulp & Paper Strategic Review is for you. Subscribe

27 MAY 2020 - IndustryEdge

IndustryEdge’s market data and intelligence service, Pulp & Paper Edge is now being produced twice per month, to keep subscribers updated with latest intelligence and data series. Responding to a dramatic increase in subscriber queries and requests for data, in addition to the traditional end of month edition, IndustryEdge now provides a mid-month edition of its landmark analysis tool. Read more.

26 MAY 2020 - IndustryEdge

Global market pulp prices continue to defy the commodity trends, remaining high in April as inter-sectoral demand balances continue to change. Read more.


Production of coated paperboard has increased 0.9 million tonnes (8.8 percent) in Europe and 0.3 million tonnes (3 percent) in North America over the last seven years. Read more.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, one of BIR’s key aims has been to seek out regular virus-related updates from around the world and to disseminate relevant information to the recycling industry. To this end, BIR asked for latest feedback during a virtual meeting of national association members, of which the following is a summary. Read more.

21 MAY 2020 - AFPA

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) is urging the Federal Government to recognise the multiple long-term benefits of investing in renewable bioenergy and bioeconomy technologies and manufactured products in Australia, in a post CoVid-19 world economy. Read more.

15 MAY 2020 - Timberbiz

It’s fair to say that everyone agrees there is a lot of work to be done for Australia to come out of the CoVid-19 fog economically as well off as possible. Well, almost everyone. But more on that later. Source: Bruce Mitchell. Read more.

07 MAY 2020 - PKN Packaging News

The current global Covid-19 pandemic has presented us with one of the greatest collective challenges in recent memory. However, in every challenge lies opportunity. Read more.

06 MAY 2020 - Timberbiz

The State Government in Victoria has been slammed following a report that indicates East Gippsland – because of the bushfires and Covid-19 – will be the hardest hit region economically in the coronavirus fallout. Read more.

01 MAY 2020 - Medianet

Australasia’s newest fibre packaging and paper company has been launched today after Nippon Paper Industries confirmed it had successfully completed its $1.72 billion acquisition of the Orora Fibre Businesses which have been combined with Australian Paper to form Opal. Read more.

27 APRIL 2020 - IndustryEdge

Printing & Communication paper annual imports declined for the fifth successive month in February. Imports totalled 20,979 tonnes in February 2020, down 19% on the prior month and 36% lower than in February 2019. January imports had spiked, against the trend decline, with most major grades seeing increases, only to see imports stumble back to the trend of the last half year.  Read more.

27 APRIL 2020 - IndustryEdge

Japanese paper and paperboard manufacturers are continuing their ‘pivot to packaging’, as 2019 production data details. Reported at 25.376 million tonnes for 2019, total production was down 2.6% on the prior year and fell below 26 million tonnes for the first time in at least thirty years. Read more.

27 APRIL 2020 - IndustryEdge

Australian retail sales are projected to have exploded in March as many households hoarded everything from toilet paper to pasta as they prepped for the pandemic fuelled lockdown. Provisional data shows the value of sales rose a massive 8.2% compared to the prior month, lifting to a record AUD30.0 billion. Read more.

27 APRIL 2020 - Print 21

Close to 4000 printers have now signed the Bring Back Print petition, less than a week after it was launched with the aim of returning the $150m-$200m worth of government and taxpayer-funded print back to Australia from overseas. Read more.

27 APRIL 2020 - Timberbiz

The global spread of COVID-19 is making the short-term outlook for Australia’s agricultural sectors increasingly uncertain according to the ABARES Impacts of COVID-19 on Australian agriculture, forestry and fisheries trade report. Read more.

23 APRIL 2020 - PKN Packaging

Demand for packaging is expected to move through three phases during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report from consultancy McKinsey titled 'How the packaging industry can navigate the coronavirus pandemic' Read more.

23 APRIL 2020 - PKN Packaging

Dineamic, an Australian ready-to-eat meal provider, is moving from plastic to eco-cardboard packaging for its tray meals, to be sold at Coles and IGA starting this week. PKN spoke to Dineamic CEO Michael Starke about this development. Read more.


At a time when there’s intense focus on the spread of Covid-19 and ways in which that spread can be reduced, there’s been a lot of attention on different surfaces and how those surfaces can retain and potentially spread the virus. Since paper and card are very physical mediums, they have come under the spotlight, with concerns expressed about whether people can catch coronavirus simply by touching. So Paper Advance have researched the facts relating to Covid-19 transmission through paper/cardboard surfaces.  Read more.


Lignin is a unique material found in all trees and plants; it possesses many properties. In addition to being used for green carbon fibre, biofuels and as a binder in a variety of products, it also has properties such as UV and fire protection.  Read more.

22 APRIL 2020 - AFPA

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) is calling on Australia’s leaders to urgently put in place a stimulus recovery package for the housing construction sector to counter the massive reduction in new house starts and therefore the timber products used in their construction. Read more.

APRIL 2020 - Fastmarkets - RISI

Fastmarkets RISI share their latest thoughts on how the global COVID-19 pandemic is affecting global markets and the major segments in the forest products industry, and what this could mean for the future. Read more.

30 March 2020 - IndustryEdge

IndustryEdge reports imports of Printing, Communication and Packaging grades in January 2020 were relatively strong on a value basis, albeit after a lacklustre December. At AUD109.4M, January 2020 saw imports 5.6% higher than in January 2019. Perhaps more telling is that in US dollars, the value of imports was down 2.3% over the same period and amounted to USD73.5M in January 2020.

It is less obvious, but if it were not for January 2020, the year-long decline in the value of imports – in both Australian and US dollars – would be more evident. Read more.

30 March 2020 - IndustryEdge

As the COVID-19 pandemic crisis continues and deepens globally, shipping and freight continue to be the life-blood for many nations. Beyond mere economics and trade, it is shipping and freight that delivers food and medical supplies to much of the world, every month.

All eyes were turned to China as the pandemic commenced, and so too have they been glued for what might be the first fluttering signs of recovery, almost five months, since the novel coronavirus first began to spread in Wuhan.  Read more.

27 March 2020 - AFPA

Australian Forest products industries essential for food and medicine production and transport Australian Forest Products Industries must continue to operate to ensure Australians continue to receive essential products and services including sanitary products, food packaging, and freight packaging used by all supermarkets and hospitals. In a brief sent to Prime Minister, Premiers and Chief Ministers today, AFPA outlines why the forest product industries must be recognised as essential service providers if further restrictions are put in place to contain CoVid-19. Read more.

27 March 2020 - ABC News

Med-Con has been operating in Australia for decades but was only supplying a very small percentage of Australia's medical industry due to competition from China.

"We need to have more industry here so we don't face this situation again, particularly if it happens in the future," Mr Csiszar said. Read more.

27 March 2020 - Paper News

To support certified entities and certification bodies during the COVID-19 challenge, PEFC has extended the transition period for three revised international standards by six months.

This extension applies to the 2020 versions of the Chain of Custody (ST 2002), PEFC Trademarks (ST 2001) and Certification Body Requirements – Chain of Custody (ST 2003) standards. The transition date is now 14 February 2022.  Read more.

25 March 2020 - PKN Packaging News

Nippon Paper Industries has received approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board to go ahead with the acquisition of Orora’s Australasian Fibre Business.  Read more.

25 March 2020 - CPI

Cepi, the European paper industry association, and its members across Europe are shocked and saddened by the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically impacting people globally and in Europe, with a growing number of lives lost.  Read more.

23 March 2020 - Paper Advance

The manufacturers of corrugated cardboard boxes are working to keep transport packaging flowing to makers of essential products including packaging for food and other consumer products, medical and pharmaceutical products, tissue and hygiene products and more amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read more.

19 March 2020 - Paper Advance

President and CEO Heidi Brock issued the following statement encouraging federal, state and local governments to recognize paper and wood products manufacturing facilities as “essential” when drafting Shelter in Place orders. Read more.

19 March 2020 - Packaging News UK

Contract packing firms are being called upon to provide urgent help to stem the current shortages of hand sanitisers, gels, disinfectants and anti-bacterial wipes. Read more.


The ACCC has approved the $1.72b sale of Orora’s Australasian fibre business, Orora Fibre, to Australian Paper, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Paper Industries.

In releasing its approval, the ACCC said Australian Paper is the only independent, non-vertically integrated, domestic supplier of certain paper packaging products made from kraft fibre. Under the proposed acquisition Australian Paper will become vertically integrated with one of its major customers, Orora Fibre. Read more.

26 Feb 2020 - PAPERNEWS

Since 2010, the Two Sides campaign has changed or removed misleading environmental claims of over 500 organizations, including many of the world’s largest corporations. 2019 was the busiest year to date for Two Sides’ Anti-greenwash campaign. Globally, 388 organizations were found to be using unsubstantiated claims about print and paper’s impact on the environment. These organizations were identified by Two Sides throughout Europe, North and South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Read more.

25 Feb 2020 - WMRR

The Victorian Government announcement that it will overhaul its recycling system has been welcomed by the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR), the national peak body for all stakeholders in the essential waste and resource recovery industry.

“The almost $100 million announced by the Andrews’ Government has recognized the diversity and importance of our essential industry, and includes providing funding to multiple sectors including hazardous material and for alternative infrastructure such as Energy from Waste.”  Read more.

21 Feb 2020 - CEPI

According to preliminary figures, the European paper and board production has decreased by 3.0% in 2019, compared to the previous year. 2019 saw new capacities coming on stream, and upgrades of existing ones, but closures and lower production operating rates dragged down paper and board production. This downward trend was observed in all the top paper and board producing countries. Read more.

18 Feb 2020 - PACKAGING NEWS (UK)

Item Products, a leading supplier of accessories for the packaging industry, has included 100% sustainable paper handles to its growing product portfolio of organic plant based products. Read more.

14 Feb 2020 - PAPER ADVANCE

We recently conducted a new consumer research survey around a full spectrum of environmental questions, including questions about recycling. We found 80% of consumers between the ages of 18-49 are confused about some aspect of recycling. Read more.

12 Feb 2020 - PRINT 21

The Australian Financial Review was the only newspaper to gain readers in print in 2019, with all other titles seeing the switch away from print to digital continuing unabated.

Nine (formerly Fairfax) titles lost significant numbers of readers for its printed editions, but gained ground in digital readership, however News Corp mastheads lost readers in digital as well as print, with analysts pointing to its polarising editorial as the reason for readers leaving.   Read more.

11 Feb 2020 - Resource Recycling

Recycling facilities are encountering both good and bad news on the fiber-market front: OCC prices have increased substantially, but mixed paper slipped further into the negatives.  Read more.

6 Feb 2020 - PKN Packaging News

Australia's containerboard sector is facing an unprecedented crisis of fibre supply, with the ongoing bushfires wiping out huge swathes of trees used for local manufacture of kraftliner, which is used as the outer layers of high-strength corrugated boxes. Read more.

6 Feb 2020 - Norske Skog Press Room

Norske Skog has entered into an agreement to sell its Tasmanian forest assets to a fund controlled by the Australian based investment manager New Forests Pty Ltd. The purchase price for the assets is AUD 62.5 million (NOK 388 million). The book value of the assets sold per 31 December 2019 were NOK 297 million, and the transaction will result in a gain to be recognized in the first quarter 2020. The sale will be accompanied by a long term wood supply agreement to provide pulpwood to the Boyer Mill. Read more.

29 Jan 2020 IndustryEdge

Australia’s total consumption of all paper and paperboard will decline a calculated 0.2% (around 5,000 tonnes) per annum through to 2024, according to the latest headline forecasts* prepared by IndustryEdge. Read more.

29 Jan 2020 IndustryEdge

Australia’s pulp importers – mainly the tissue manufacturers – have felt the pleasures and the pains of global pulp markets over the last two years. Imports year-ended November 2019 totalled a very typical 285.7 kt, down 2.7% from a year earlier. Read more.

29 Jan 2020 IndustryEdge

New Zealand’s pulp exports rose 7.2% year-ended November 2019, at the same time as average export prices fell more than 32% in New Zealand dollar terms. Exports for the year totalled 960,830 tonnes, with the average price in November falling to NZDFob662/t, or NZD313/t lower than a year earlier. Read more.

22 Jan 2020 AFPA

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) has backed Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s proposal for national fuel reduction standards across all land tenures to be considered in a Royal Commission into the recent bushfires. Read more.

21 Jan 2020 AFPA

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) met the with Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management Trevor Evans yesterday to discuss the impacts of the waste export ban and how the industry can help keep Australia’s waste paper out of landfill.

CEO of AFPA Ross Hampton said, “The announced ban poses a significant challenge for all of the Australian waste and recycling sector, however Australia’s pulp and paper industry is well placed to assist.” Read more.


Oatly Frozen, made from oats instead of cow’s milk, has switched to Evergreen Packaging’s Sentinel fully renewable ice cream board through its packaging converting partner Stanpac Packaging. Sentinel is described as a first of its kind, eco-friendly paper-based packaging made with an innovative renewable coating derived from sugarcane. Read more.

20 Jan 2020 AFPA

Leading forest and ecosystem scientists from the University of Melbourne have backed the scientific merit of forest thinning to reduce the risk and severity of bushfires in Australia, refuting the strident activist voices demanding Australia make no change to its fuel reduction strategies in the wake of this catastrophic bushfire season.  Read more.


A major end user of mixed paper and OCC will construct two additional North American recycled containerboard mills in the next six years, the company’s owner said in a recent media interview.
Pratt Industries, a producer of 100% recycled fiber products, will build the facilities by 2026, company Executive Chairman Anthony Pratt told The Australian newspaper in an interview last week. Read more.

10 Jan 2020 PRINT21

Printers in bushfire-affected regions are battling a decline in workload as tourists flee stricken areas and local businesses see a major downturn in trade. Read more.


Packaging and food businesses are making big donations to bushfire relief, with Visy’s Anthony Pratt; Tetra Laval; Foodmach; Coca-Cola Amatil; and supermarkets Coles and Woolworths among those supporting the cause. Read more.


Oji Holdings (CEO: Masatoshi Kaku, Head Office: Tokyo) announces that Oji Group’s paper was adopted by “Kitkat” lineup in Japan for replacement of plastic package to paper package as one of the activity to solve to reduce plastic waste in the ocean for one of the biggest sustainability issues the world is facing today.  Read more.


The recently published Pro Carton Carbon Footprint for Carton Packaging report demonstrated that the carton industry is not only reducing its CO2 emissions but, in declaring a very low carbon footprint of 326kg CO2 per tonne of converted cartons, that its environmental impact is much less than most other packaging materials. Read more.

29 Nov 2019 AFPA

Federal Shadow minister for Agriculture and Resources Joel Fitzgibbon has strongly backed Victoria’s native forest industries as sustainable, at odds with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews who plans to shut it down.

Speaking at the Australian Forest Products Association dinner in Canberra last night Mr Fitzgibbon took a veiled swipe at the Andrews Government’s decision to close down the industry by 2030, and he endorsed sustainably managed native forestry and the Regional Forest Agreements framework as delivering the best environmental, climate change and bushfire mitigation outcomes. Read more.

28 Nov 2019 PKN

Produced at the Orora factory in Heidelberg, Victoria, the six-pack apple carton is the result of a collaboration between Orora, Apple & Pear Australia Limited (Apal), and Montague Fresh.
“The cartons are made from paper, making them a plastic-free, recyclable solution that looks fantastic in store. They support various print finishes, and feature a tamper-proof lock to ensure the apples remain in premium condition throughout the supply chain,” the company said. Read more.


Valmet has launched a new Valmet Visible Thermal Imaging System, which provides the highest quality lime kiln process monitoring for pulp mills. Combining the camera temperature information with process controls can improve combustion optimization and reburned lime quality, and reduce emissions. The system also allows visual evaluation of flame shape, size, and temperature profile. Reduced maintenance costs and greater visibility during start-up and full load conditions can also be achieved. Read more.


Australia’s standard stamp price will rise 10% in 2020. The price is already 25 times higher than when Australia went decimal. In an all too familiar development, the price of sending a standard letter will rise 10% from $1.00 to $1.10 from the start of 2020. Read more.


2020 will see higher global freight costs, especially for containerised goods. A swathe of factors is converging to see higher freight costs apply to nearly all global routes, with the longest routes – like those from Europe to Australia – likely to see sharply higher costs. Read more.

27 Nov 2019 PKN

Spicers is buying rival merchant Direct Paper as part of its strategy to move into new areas, with the deal giving it an increased presence in packaging papers and boards.
The move brings the second and third biggest merchants in the country together, although still some way behind number one Ball and Doggett, and will result in all 50 Direct staff joining the new operation. Spicers revenue for the last financial year reached $384m. Read more.


Many of us know of Aida Greenbury from her thirteen years as Managing Director of sustainability at Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP). That included the period that was undoubtedly the most tumultuous in the forestry and paper giant’s history, as it faced global criticisms over its sustainability.

Through all that period and more, Aida headed the sustainability team of one of Asia’s largest land users. More than that, she was the prominent public face of APP, across the planet. Read more.

20 Nov 2019 ABC

Australian scientists have developed a technology they say could make all plastic recyclable, as the country grapples with how to deal with its waste crisis.
The patented technology was created by Len Humphreys and Sydney University professor Thomas Maschmeyer, who say it could process plastics that cannot currently be recycled. Read more.


Borealis, Nestlé, and Walmart have joined eight other leading businesses to become part of the Core Partners group for the New Plastics Economy, an initiative which brings together key stakeholders to rethink and redesign the future of plastics. Beginning with plastic packaging, the Core Partners will all work towards building and scaling a circular economy in which it never becomes waste. Read more. Read more.

12 Nov 2019 PKN

The development will include the latest equipment to produce sustainable packaging products for the South Island primary produce sectors. Oji Fibre Solutions (OjiFS) aims to complete the project in 2021. Read more.


Australian Paper supports the Victorian Government’s announcement that it will establish a significant new plantation industry in Gippsland. The company expects this decision will help secure its future as one of the largest employers in the Latrobe Valley and provides a plan towards addressing industry supply uncertainty. Read more.

INDUSTRYEDGE 27 September 2019

Australia’s consumption of pulp lifted to 1,917.2 kt in 2018-19, rising 4.2% on the prior year, and by an average 2.4% per annum over the decade. The sixth successive annual increase in pulp consumption takes account of deinked pulp, but does not include recovered paper used locally. Read more.

INDUSTRYEDGE 27 September 2019

Total consumption of labels and label paper has grown an average 3.1% per annum since 2009-10 in Australia. Total consumption was 43.7 kt in 2018-19 (down 6.8% on the prior year), made up of imports of fully converted Paper Labels and reels and sheets of Label Paper. Read more.

PKN 19 September 2019

Anthony Pratt will host US president Donald Trump and Australian prime minister Scott Morrison at a new Pratt Industries paper recycling plant in Ohio next week.
The new $400m plant opens almost 30 years after Anthony Pratt successfully launched the US version of the Visy business founded by his father, cardboard king Richard Pratt. Read more.

Oji Holdings 19 September 2019

Oji Holdings (CEO: Masatoshi Kaku, Head Office: Tokyo) announces that Oji Group’s paper was
adopted by Nestlé in Thailand for replacement of plastic bag to paper bag as a solution to reduce
plastic for one of the biggest sustainability issues the world is facing today.  Read more.

AFPA 19 September 2019

Australia’s forest industries have been showcased in new promotional videos produced by the Federal Department of Agriculture. The videos, the flagship of which premiered at last night’s AFPA Members Dinner in Canberra, cover different themes of forest industries and promote their environmental, economic and social benefits, Chair of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Mr Greg McCormack said today. “Those of us who work within forest industries have always known of the truly renewable nature of the timber and fibre products that we produce, but these new videos will help tell the story in an excellent way to more Australians.  Read more.

Packaging News UK 19 September 2019

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) will end the use of plastic shrink-wrap across all multipacks of cans sold in Great Britain and replace it with cardboard. More than 30 million packs sold to consumers each year will no longer be wrapped in plastic. The new cardboard multipacks will be introduced on 4, 6 and 8 packs of cans across all brands, including Coca-Cola (original taste and zero sugar), Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Dr Pepper and Lilt. The packs will transition to cardboard over the next 18 months. Multipacks of ten cans or more are already wrapped in cardboard.The shrink-wrap will be replaced with 100% recyclable, sustainably sourced cardboard, with either an FSC or PEFC certification.  Read more.

Paper Advance (Latrobe Valley Express) 16 September 2019

Australian Paper has hit back at a Victorian Greens' proposal for a 10-year moratorium on an energy from waste project at Maryvale, and plans for other similar projects in Victoria.

Victorian Greens leader Samantha Ratnam put forward the motion in parliament last week citing environmental risks and fears it could put the clamps on developing a state-wide recycling industry.  Read more.

PKN 13 September 2019

Nestlé has inaugurated its new Institute of Packaging Sciences, with the goal of ultimately sending none of its packaging to litter or landfill.
At the announcement in Vevey, Switzerland, CEO Mark Schneider said it will enable the company to create a “strong pipeline of sustainable packaging solutions for Nestlé products across businesses and markets”.
The Institute will focus on several science and technology areas, such as refillable or reusable packaging, simplified packaging materials, recycled packaging materials, and high-performance barrier papers, as well as bio-based, compostable and biodegradable materials.  
Read more.

Packaging News UK 10 September 2019

Pro Carton’s TICCIT (Trees into Cartons, Cartons into Trees) programme is continuing to teach primary school aged children about the circular economy. Read more.

INDUSTRYEDGE 27 August 2019

Demonstrating once again that there is just a little something different about New Zealand, its apparent consumption of Printing & Communication papers rose 1.5% in 2018-19. Lifting by a little more than 2,000 tonnes, total imports rose to 148.1 kt. There is no local production, so imports represent total demand. The result sits in defiance of the experience of near neighbour Australia, but also, of most of the rest of the world’s advanced economies. Read more.

INDUSTRYEDGE 27 August 2019

A near 30% decline in imports of Coated Woodfree (CWF) papers to Australia in 2018-19 continued to deepen as the financial year progressed. At just 129.9 kt for the full year, imports are lower than they were during the GFC. In the June quarter, imports totalled 31.2 kt down 36% on the previous June quarter. Read more.


U.S. exporters who are still moving OCC and other recyclables to China may face higher costs, after the Chinese government last week announced additional tariffs on key scrap materials. OCC, newsprint and some higher-grade recovered fibers will face an additional 5% tariff when imported into China, according to an announcement from the Chinese government. Read more.

INDUSTRYEDGE 27 August 2019

Annual imports of most pre-converted packaging materials continued to grow across the year-ended June 2019. Total volumes were recorded at 122,543 tonnes for the year, up 7.5% compared to the prior twelve months. Imports were again at record levels. Read more.


PKN 15 August 2019

Full year results for packaging giant Orora have with underlying net profit after tax (NPAT) up 4 per cent to $217m, earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) 3.7 per cent higher to $335.2m and earnings per share (EPS) up 3.7 per cent to 18 cents per share. Read more.

AF&PA 15 August 2019

The paper and wood products industry uses renewable and recyclable resources to manufacture products that makes people's lives better. Printing-writing papers, paper-based packaging, pulp, tissue and wood products play significant roles in everyday life by meeting needs for information, product protection, hygiene, housing and more. Read more.

FOREST2MARKET 13 August 2019

Boston, Charlotte, N.C. & Norwalk, Conn. (August 13, 2019) – Battery Ventures, a global technology-focused investment firm, announced that it has acquired two companies: Forest2Market, Inc. a firm supplying data, analytics, supply chain expertise and strategic consulting services to the global forest products industry; and Fisher International, Inc. a firm supporting the pulp and paper industry with business intelligence and strategy consulting services. Read more.

PACKAGING NEWS 13 August 2019

Tetra Pak is aiming for a long-term plan to produce packaging only from plant-based material, according to one of its senior managers. The global packaging firm started field testing of its paper straws for beverage products with its European customers, and will share its technology with the industry. Read more.