24 August 2023 | PKN Packaging

Visy has unveiled a major $42.5 million upgrade to its paper recycling and remanufacturing campus in Coolaroo, with Premier Daniel Andrews and Federal Minister for the Environment and Water, Tanya Plibersek, in attendance. Read more

23 August 2023 | Packaging Europe

Kemira and Jain Chem are jointly developing aqueous barrier coatings for recyclable paper and board products – a move expected to replace the use of PE and PFAS in paper and board end-use applications. Read more

22 August 2023 | Packaging World

AI’s role in packaging is set to soar, as it enhances quality control, aids in supply chain management, and advise on packaging design, but cost, security, and ethics concerns must be addressed. Read more

17 August 2023 | PKN

Brisbane-based drinks company, Mandatory Spirit Co, has released a range of Australian-made flavoured vodkas, each in a compact one-litre box. The flavoured vodka range uses bag-in-box (BIB) packaging, which the company claims reduces its carbon footprint by eight times compared to using glass bottles. Read more

17 August 2023 | PKN

The Broadford Mill, a leading manufacturer and importer of pasted and specialty boards in Australasia, has introduced an angle board used to protect pallet and carton edges made entirely from recycled paper waste. Read more

16 August 2023 | Opal

This year, Opal was proud to partner with the City of Canterbury Bankstown for the Mayor’s Mission Australia Light’s Out Sleepout at Bankstown Airport. As part of the event, Opal donated 80 cardboard shelters for attendees of the sleepout. Read more

14 August 2023 | Timberbiz

The Sorbent Paper Company, owned by Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), will be reducing its workforce by around half at its manufacturing facilities in Box Hill, Melbourne with around 70 job losses expected in its production staff by the end of the year. Employees were advised last week. Read more

09 August 2023 | Packaging Europe

Naomi Stewart, Marketing Manager at Easyfairs, looks at how a consumer’s age affects their attitudes towards product packaging, and why we should get out there and design for “Generation Alpha” now. Read more

01 August 2023 | UJL

UJL Solutions Pty. Ltd introduces the new FRANK-PTI Spectro Analyser for determining brightness, colour, colour differences, fluorescence and opacity. Colour and brightness of measurements in the paper and board industry need to match the highest standards while the precision of measurements also needs to match the necessary requirements. This laboratory instrument is an outstanding tool that enables fast and easy measurements while working with the highest precision and matching all industry-relevant standards. Read more

1 August 2023 | Paper Advance

Despite its potential as an added-value product for pulp and paper mills, each year several thousand tons of lignin end up in the mills’ black liquor, which is a mixture containing cooking chemicals and residual wood material that remains after pulping. Read more

27 July 2023 | PKN Packaging News

An almost total rebuild of Visy’s Auckland material recovery facility, and installation of new sorting technology, has seen an increase of capacity by 30 per cent.

The facility is now equipped for precise and comprehensive sorting, strengthening recycling in the region. It allows Visy to create higher quality output and capture more resources from NZ’s mixed household recycling. Read more

21 July 2023 | Timberbiz

Two things are certain about Victoria. The premier Dan Andrews plays a mean political game, and certain sections of the media in that State will do all they can – indeed everything they can – to bring him down. This week it was the story that the Andrews government was being accused of plundering timber from Tasmania after announcing the closure of the Victorian industry. Read more

20 July 2023 | PKN

In partnership with Navi Co Global, Australian fresh fruit company Costa has released a paper-based bunch bag for premium grapes. Gilad Sadan is Navi Co Global’s managing director, and PKN sat down with him to learn about this new paper bunch bag, which Sadan describes as “not only an Australian first, but a global first in terms of grapes”. Read more

19 July 2023 | PKN

Unilever is trialling a new recyclable paper pot, made with FSC-certified paper, for its Pot Noodle instant hot snack brand in the UK. The new paper pot has launched exclusively in retailer Tesco, with an initial stock of 500,000 of what the company says is the brand’s most popular flavour, Chicken & Mushroom.  Read more

18 July 2023 | Pulpapernews.com

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, is investing €16 million in new technology to produce a new packaging range called FunctionalBarrier Paper Ultimate. This ultra-high barrier paper-based solution for food meets growing customer demand for sustainable packaging that contributes to a circular economy.  Read more

10 July 2023 | Opal

To provide an alternative to plastic bags and ensure that manufacturing remains local, Opal has invested in high-tech brown paper bag technology to produce retail paper bags at our Opal Bag Solutions site in Thomastown, Victoria. Opal’s paper bags are 100 per cent Australian made and are created from at least 70 per cent recycled paper. Read more

9 July 2023 | AFPA

Getting more timber trees in the ground will be a key priority for Australia’s Net Zero 2050 Plan as a practical solution that supports sovereign capability, jobs in regional areas and materials to build future houses, CEO of the Australian Forest Products Association Joel Fitzgibbon said today.  Read more

4 July 2023 | Packaging Europe

A new, 90% paper tube has been developed for Pringles crisps in a collaboration between Fost Plus and the Belgian Engineering and R&D teams at Kellogg’s, aiming for complete recyclability. Read more

4 July 2023 | UJL

Tasowheel’s innovative and modular QCS systems are always tailored to the customer’s needs, including all profiling systems, CD & MD controls, as well as first-class measurement frames and sensors. Read more

26 June 2023 | WoodCentral

Opal Australian Paper is closing the M2 machine, which manufactured white and brown packaging paper at its Maryvale Mill in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. Read more

21 June 2023 | Opal

The Maryvale Energy from Waste (EfW) project, led by consortium partners Opal, Veolia and Masdar Tribe Australia, is going from strength to strength following the signing of the grant agreement for $48.2 million under the Manufacturing Collaboration Stream of the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI). This project received the grant funding from the Australian Government as part of the Modern Manufacturing Strategy. Read more

20 June 2023 |Oji

Our Packaging teams attended the NZ Careers Expos in Christchurch 11-13 May and Auckland 15-17 June, engaging directly with the workforce of tomorrow.

A contingent of students, including their families, teachers, and career advisors from across 44 secondary schools in the Canterbury region and 41 in the Auckland region (plus the general public), attended the three-day expos to learn more about career opportunities available to them. Read more

19 June 2023 | Pulpapernews.com

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, has partnered with Syntegon, a manufacturer of process and packaging machinery, to develop a recyclable paper packaging solution using recycled fibres for dried foods such as flour, sugar and pasta. Read more

16 June 2023 | Packaging Europe

DS Smith has unveiled DD Wrap, a multi-category Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) solution designed to conserve resources, reduce waste, and facilitate a positive unboxing experience for consumers. Read more

14 June 2023 | AFPA

Australia’s forest products sector has backed the Queensland Government’s plan for a climate positive Olympic Games in 2032, including through the use of climate friendly timber and wood products in Olympic venues and infrastructure, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Natasa Sikman said today. Read more

13 June 2023 | Papnews

J&J Green Paper Inc., the creator of JANUS®, an innovative compound and process for producing water-resistant paper and packaging free from toxic oil-based materials, has closed several transformative global agreements to enable large-scale production of this environmentally friendly solution amid an ongoing global plastics crisis. This development has immense potential to revolutionize the industry, with the production run of JANUS products slated to meet early-stage orders from major brands. Read more

8 June 2023 | PKN

Absolut Vodka is rolling out a three-month trial for its single-mould paper bottle in Tesco stores in Manchester, UK. The company calls it "a significant milestone" on its journey to create a 100 per cent bio-based bottle and reduce its CO2 emissions. But in social media pushback, it is being called out as greenwashing. Read more

1 June 2023 | Visy

During May, Visy welcomed 9 News to their Smithfield materials recovery facility (MRF). Read more

1 June 2023 | UJL Solutions Pty Ltd

introduces Tasowheel the Quality Control System for paper, board, pulp and tissue machines. Tasowheel’s innovative and modular QCS systems are always tailored to the customer’s needs, including all profiling systems, CD & MD controls, as well as first-class measurement frames and sensors. Tasowheel solutions are used already most of the mills in ANZ. Read more

30 May 2023 | Visy

Visy today unveiled a major $48 million upgrade to its recycling and remanufacturing campus on Gibson Island with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Deputy Premier Steven Miles. The upgrade is part of Visy Executive Chairman Anthony Pratt’s commitment to invest $2 billion over the next decade - $700 million of that in Queensland - to reduce landfill, cut emissions and create thousands of green collar Australian manufacturing jobs. Read more

29 May 2023 | IndustryEdge

This index shows the weighted average price movements for selected grades of packaging and industrial paper, and for the total of all packaging grades, imported to Australia IndustryEdge reports the packaging index is up 11.8%. Containerboard grade prices increased on average 15.9% across the year, while Cartonboard was up 21.9%. Read more

29 May 2023 | IndustryEdge

Latest detailed paper trade price indexes showed a variety of movement in March, with three month moving average prices moving in different directions across the various grades. In particular, the LWC grades, which have seen rapid fluctuations in recent months, seemed to stabilise in February. Read more

24 May 2023 | PKN

The removal of plastic openings for some Coles Brand tissue boxes is the supermarket’s latest move to reduce unnecessary and problematic plastic packaging from its shelves.  Read more

23 May 2023 | AFPA

The decision today by the Government of Victoria to accelerate the cessation of selective and sustainable native forest harvesting is an unnecessary surrender to environmental activists.  Read more

17 May 2023 | PKN

Billerud has launched a machine glazed kraft paper especially adapted and validated for wrapping toilet and kitchen paper rolls. It says the paper is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, but also able to endure tough handling as good as any PE plastic.  Read more

16 May 2023 | AFPA

This Australian Made Week, Australia’s sustainable forest products sector recognises the importance of locally made and manufactured timber and wood fibre. Having Australian made is good for fighting climate change, Australia’s economy, our timber and fibre security, and for communities, many of which are in regional Australia and heavily rely on timber and wood processing and manufacturing, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Joel Fitzgibbon said today.  Read more

15 May 2023 | OPAL

Opal has been announced as the Naming Rights partner and Major Sponsor of the Launceston City Football Club Juventus Academy and Scholarship program in 2023/2024.  Read more

15 May 2023 | Paper Advance

Metsä Board, part of Metsä Group, is improving the soil of Finnish fields together with Soilfood by utilising the side stream fibre fractions created during paperboard production. What was once considered waste, is now effectively re-utilised into innovative soil improvement fibres. The result is a product that not only recycles the nutrients of wood fibre back into soil, but also stores the carbon of the wood into soil.  Read more

12 May 2023 | VISY

Over the past two days, we’ve held our first-ever joint Energy Summit on decarbonisation in paper production with global technology company, Voith. The summit featured the latest solutions and proven technologies for energy efficiency, cost savings, and operational improvements. In his opening address, Jean Yves Nouaze our Executive General Manager, Visy Pulp & Paper talked about our strategy for decarbonisation and energy security.  Read more

8 May 2023 | Pulpapernews.com

This new, innovative wood fiber-based concept helps brand owners increase the share of renewable material in their packaging. All components of the tube are designed for recycling. The tube is composed of Stora Enso’s barrier-coated board material Natura Shape™ and a screw cap designed in collaboration with Blue Ocean Closures with assembly by AISA.  Read more

May 2023 | Valmet

Valmet introduces Mill-Wide Optimization for steering pulp and paper mill operations towards shared goals. Valmet introduces Mill-Wide Optimization (MWO) to enhance overall pulp and paper mill profitability. With Valmet MWO, production teams can boost the mill’s performance by making well-informed decisions across different process areas towards shared goals. Read more

May 2023 | Aurelia Group

Aurelia Group, the developer of on-line, continuous paper machine stiffness measurement, the PSM-Q, is excited to announce they have entered into a development project with The A I Team, a cutting edge and award winning software developer specialising in AI software and system development. Read more

01 May 2023 | IndustryEdge

Australian recovered paper exports were valued at AUD284.5million year-ended February 2023, down 1.8% compared with a year earlier. Exports totalled 1.038 million tonnes for the period, down 2.3% on the year earlier. The annual weighted average price was a reported AUDFob274.20/t for the year. Read more

28 April 2023 | IndustryEdge

Australia’s imports of Moulded Fibre products grew across the year-ended February 2023, their value increasing 30.4% on the prior year. As shown in the chart, import value steadily increased since mid-2021, however has dropped back in recent months. In February 2023, import value was recorded at AUDM3.7 for the month. Read more

30 April 2023 | UJL

Recently Sensorik Austria GmbH has installed their new SensoWeb moisture meters for paper machines: press/input pre-dryer section, within pre-dryer section, output pre-dryer section and after film press/input. These on-line web moisture measurements are based on the proven NIR multi-channel technology and can be used even under harsh environmental conditions. Two units are already operating in Australia. Read more

28 April 2023 | IndustryEdge

Over the year-ended February 2023, Australia’s imports of printing and communication papers decreased 7.8% to total 322.4 kt. This annual decrease means Australia’s imports fell by 27.1 kt.  Read more

22 April 2023 | Packaging Europe

Fibu’s renewable, biodegradable wood fibre foam, which seeks to reduce plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the packaging, construction, and furniture industries, is set to see a global roll-out with investment from Elof Hansson Holding. Read more

20 April 2023 | Pulpapernews.com

On 14 February 2023, Pan Pac’s Whirinaki site was hit by Cyclone Gabrielle, with silt flooding into buildings, causing significant damage to the plant. The silt came over the top of the stop banks behind the site, which were designed for a 1 in 500-year flood occurrence. In some areas onsite the silt was 2m high.  Read more

20 April 2023 |AFPA

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) welcomes the Albanese Government’s delivery of the more than $108 million awarded across 34 separate grants to timber and wood processors as part of the Accelerate Adoption of Wood Processing Innovation (AAWPI) program, Chief Executive Officer of AFPA Joel Fitzgibbon said today.  Read more

17 April 2023 | PKN

Mars Wrigley’s world-first paper-based flexible wrappers for Mars Bar, Snickers and Milky Way chocolates hit national shelves, the company is boosting its investment in the manufacturing operations at its Ballarat factory where the products are packaged, building on more than $67 million invested since 2021.  Read more

14 April 2023 | Inside Local Government

Visy was today announced as one of Victoria’s network operators for the state’s container deposit scheme (CDS). The announcement was made by Victorian Minister for the Environment, Ingrid Stitt, at the Port Melbourne Life Saving Club.  Read more

12 April 2023 | Pulpapernews.com

HZ Green Pulp aims for a speedy market launch to supply the growing sustainable packaging market with Dry Molded Fiber products. Starting with convenience products such as lids for hot and cold drinks, food trays, and cutlery. Read more

6 April 2023 | Packaging World

The report details the market landscape in Europe and the U.S., and how the use of rigid paper cans can reduce the amount of waste to landfill. Read more

4 April 2023 | Papnews

You’ve no doubt seen the impassioned ENGO fundraising claims warning that “billions of trees are cut down each year to make paper products,” and as a result, “deforestation is accelerating at a rapid pace.” Their suggested solution to this “deforestation crisis and its climate impacts” is to eliminate the use of wood fiber to manufacture paper products – 50% by 2030 – and replace it with recycled content or so called “next generation” alternative fibers. Read more

27 March 2023 | Visy

Visy has donated $250,000 towards the cyclone recovery in Hawke’s Bay, contributing to the Hawke’s Bay Foundation’s Cyclone Relief Fund.  Read more

25 March 2023 | IndustryEdge

Taken as a whole, global printing and communication production lifted a tiny 0.4 million tonnes or 0.5% in calendar year 2021. Total reported production was 96.0 million tonnes.  Read more

25 March 2023 | IndustryEdge

The 2022-23 outlook for Australian woodchip exports remains STRONG. This applies to hardwood chips and softwood chips. The prognosis for softwood chip exports could change rapidly if Australian log exports are allowed to re-enter China.  Read more

25 March 2023 | IndustryEdge

Latest monthly price data for all of the major grades of paper and paperboard, as well as pulp, recovered paper and wood fibre, are available from IndustryEdge on an ongoing basis. The data covers both Australia and New Zealand.  Read more

21 March 2023 | AFPA

In its most recent report released overnight, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has cited sustainable forest management along with sustainably produced forest products, as key solutions to fighting climate change, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Joel Fitzgibbon said today.  Read more

16 March 2023 | PKN Packaging News

Opal says that its $140 million high tech corrugated cardboard packaging facility is on track to be completed and operational by October 2023, with capacity to produce 400 tonnes of finished corrugated boxes daily.  Read more

9 March 2023 |Oji Fibre Solutions

As part of our continued commitment to diversity and inclusion, everyone across OjiFS took time out to celebrate International Women's Day (IWD) and #EmbraceEquity. By simply knowing the facts around gender inequalities and having the conversation, we can all play our part and inspire positive change.  Read more

15 March 2023 | Pulpapernews.com

The origins of toilet tissue embossing are rooted in practically. The three-dimensional patterns increase surface area and liquid absorbency of the tissue, and also keep multiple plies from peeling apart.  Read more

9 March 2023 | PKN Packaging News

Drinks brand specialists, Denomination, has launched a new label-less wine bottle design, known as Crate, for Fourth Wave Wines. According to the winemaker, Crate is a high-quality, barrel matured wine produced from some of Australia's leading red wine regions. Denomination's design does away with branding materials and optimises minimal packaging components. All the essential brand information is found within the space of a capsule.  Read more

3 March 2023 | IndustryEdge

Latest data shows global packaging and industrial paper production lifted 6.2% or 15.3 million tonnes in 2021, as the pandemic raged strong across the world.  Read more

3 March 2023 | IndustryEdge

European printing and communication paper demand fell an aggregate 8.5% year-ended November 2022. Latest data show that at 16.581 million tonnes for the full year, demand has fallen back to pre-pandemic levels and is returning to long term trend decline for nearly all grades.  Read more

3 March 2023 | IndustryEdge

Latest news from the Australian food industry includes expectations of immediate increases in food exports to Asia, as sea freight rates continue to cascade down, and shipping containers become more available.  Read more

3 March 2023 | Pulpapernews.com

Recently, Tetra Pak has commenced ground-breaking research towards advancing fibre-based sustainable food packaging, in collaboration with MAX IV – the most modern synchrotron[1] radiation laboratory in the world. The research aims to uncover fresh insights into the nanostructure of fibre materials, with the first application to optimise the composition of materials used for paper straws.  Read more

2 March 2023 | PKN

Penrith, New South Wales, has become the first place in Australia to get a road that includes recycled coffee cups in its construction. The fibres from the cups help create a road that's reportedly safer and quieter than regular asphalt with a 24 percent reduction in carbon footprint.  Read more

20 March 2023 | Papnews

At the German paper manufacturer Papierfabrik Palm, Voith’s highly innovative pulping technology is already in profitable operation as a pilot project. The stock preparation system is designed for a production of 500 tons per day and enables the company to save 1,000 MWh of energy per year.  Read more

23 February 2023 | NZ Herald

Two major employers who support hundreds of workers in Hawke’s Bay have committed to staying put and rebuilding their facilities in the region despite being hit hard by Cyclone Gabrielle.Timber and pulp mill Pan Pac, based in Whirinaki north of Napier, and fertiliser plant Ravensdown, based in Awatoto south of Napier, were both flooded last Tuesday during the deadly cyclone. The two businesses employ more than 600 people between them.  Read more

20 February 2023 | Papnews

Visy Paper will install a FibreFlow Drum pulping system for its recycled paper mill in Coolaroo, Victoria, Australia. “The drum pulper is the first of its kind in Australia,” says Jean Yves Nouaze, Executive General Manager Pulp & Paper, Visy. “This upgrade will increase our capacity to process up to an additional 95,000 tonnes of wastepaper per year, to be made into new products here in Victoria. We thank ANDRITZ for partnering with Visy and working collaboratively on this critical project.”  Read more

20 February 2023 | Pulpapernews.com

The Schumacher Packaging Group, one of Europe's largest manufacturers of customised packaging made of corrugated and solid board (www.schumacher-packaging.com), is launching Stackpack, a new type of top-seal tray for food. Stackpack is made of 100 per cent solid board, is recyclable, and can completely replace conventional plastic trays. The innovative, sustainable and exceptionally stable packaging solution can also be sealed with all standard sealing machines.  Read more

20 February 2023 | Visy

Visy is proud to—once again—sponsor the Singapore Sharks, Singapore’s only Australian Rules Football club.  Read more

15 February 2023 | Opal

Despite Opal’s best endeavours, they have been unable to source viable alternative wood supplies to replace the shortfall from VicForests. As a result of this situation, Maryvale Mill produced its last ream of copy paper on 21 January 2023. Given this unplanned situation and after significant consideration and analysis of a range of potential operating scenarios, Opal has made the final decision to stop the manufacturing of white pulp and paper at the Maryvale Mill.  Read more

13 February 2023 | Pulpaper.news

UPM Biochemicals and Haertol Chemie GmbH announced a development partnership that will accelerate the introduction of renewable, sustainable forest-sourced materials into the automotive market and reduce fossil resource consumption.  Read more

9 February 2023 | AFPA

The Federal Parliament has backed the vital role new timber plantations will play in fighting climate change and providing sustainable timber and wood fibre supply into the future, with a resounding vote in the Senate to confirm the role of plantations in the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF).  Read more

9 February 2023 | PKN

On the front foot when it comes to driving sustainable innovation, packaging giant Tetra Pak has made huge strides in partnership with its customers. Marketing director Jaymie Pagdato shares the latest company developments, and market trends, with Lindy Hughson.  Read more

9 February 2023 | Aurelia

Following the recent successful installations of the PSM-Q on containerboard machines in Germany, Aurelia is pleased to announce a new installation scheduled for March 2023 in Portugal. The PSM-Q is a stand-alone device, mounted at the paper machine, that measures and estimates important paper properties.  Read more

9 February 2023 | BTG

BTG’s SurfMAX is an innovative development, combining novel inline instrumentation, surface metering technology, supported by application expertise. Stable starch properties together with an optimized size press operation reduce strength variation leading to significant starch and energy savings.  Read more

8 February 2023 | Print 21

The federal government has just backflipped on its decision to dump the print pamphlet for the upcoming Voice referendum and will now print and mail a pamphlet to every household in Australia. The decision comes after a strong campaign by print employers’ association PVCA, and others.  Read more

31 January 2023 | IndustryEdge

Australia’s recovered paper exports – as is the case for more than half the world – make their way to South East Asia. Most are manufactured into recycled corrugated boxes. Examining the export data by grade and by country, demonstrates there is a little more to recycling than the ever-important corrugated box.  Read more

31 January 2023 | IndustryEdge

The Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (A-IECTA) came into force on 29th December 2022. The agreement was signed in April 2022, just prior to the Federal Election.  Read more

31 January 2023 | IndustryEdge

Imports of A4 White Copy Paper to Australia increased slightly in November 2022, recorded at 848 tonnes for the month. Prices increased again in November to a record high, with the average CiF or ‘landed’ price (AUD1,952/t) remaining significantly higher than the FoB or ‘goods alone’ price. Imports to New Zealand increased in November.  Read more

5 January 2023 | Index Engineering 

Managing Director Jan Snyman said, “At Index Engineering, people are at the heart of what we do, and we are thrilled that we have been able to attract and retain exceptional people.” A great workplace culture, open communication and an emphasis on professional development and mentoring were all factors that contributed to the win, according to the judges.  Read more

27 January 2023 | 

Maison Perrier-Jouët has partnered with Colourform by James Cropper to produce a luxury gift wrap made of paper pulp and vine shoots with the intention of bringing sustainability to the luxury market.  Read more

26 January 2023 | Pulpapernews.com

Smithers examines the current state-of-the-art for fibre-based packaging design, including profiles of the latest paperboard formats that are being developed to replace single-use polymer packs for food, personal care goods, and beverages.  Read more

25 January 2023 | Timberbiz

The last ream of Reflex white paper’s been produced at the Maryvale Paper Mill, creating uncertainty for more than 90 workers in the production room.  Read more

20 January 2023 | Food Technology & Manufacturing

Mondi has partnered with Noel Alimentaria to find the most suitable paper-based packaging solution for its range of food products.  Read more

19 January 2023 | Oji Fibre Solutions

Oji has signed an agreement to purchase the assets of Cassowary Coast Cartons Pty Ltd, a carton erecting, distribution warehouse and retail outlet in Innisfail, North Queensland.  Read more

19 January 2023 | PKN

As adoption of paper-based flexible packaging finds lift off in the Australian market, Ball & Doggett has signed a partnership agreement with Sappi to distribute its sustainable barrier papers, tipped to provide the sought-after barrier functionality in paper-based food packaging where brand owners are looking to make the switch from flexible plastics and foils.  Read more

12 January 2023 | Paper Advance

Imagine having a virtual assistant who could instantly conjure up the latest data and present it to you in a realistic 3D model. It might sound like science fiction, but that’s the idea behind our mill digital twin solution. This innovative platform makes mill data much more accessible and usable.  Read more

5 January 2023 | Packaging Europe

Tim Hortons is seeking to improve its packaging’s recyclability by trialling a fibre alternative to its single-use plastic hot beverage lids, amongst other transitions into renewable and recyclable packaging materials.  Read more

5 January 2023 | UJL  

OpTest Equipment Inc from Canada has new Hi-Op Paperboard PerFect Formation Analyzer (Hi-Op PPF) revolutionizes product quality optimization and productivity by measuring the sheet uniformity at different “scales of formation”!  Read more

3 January 2023 | Visy

Visy launched their 2023 Women in Leadership and Operations (WILO) Networking Program in November last year. We are thrilled that over 120 of our female team members across Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom came together virtually at 9am AEST (yes that meant midnight for the UK) to hear our CEO Mark De Wit take us through the Visy Business Strategy.  Read more

3 October 2022 | IndustryEdge

As the re-settling commences, global commodity and materials markets remain upset and agitated. 2021-22 was a year when fibre and pulp prices hit new record highs, supply-chains were disrupted, traditional allegiances were broken down and nothing was certain.  Read more

3 October 2022 | IndustryEdge

Growth in global advertising expenditure returned to trend in 2022. Growth is forecast to be 9.1% by the end of the year, following on from the huge recovery of 15.6% in 2021. It seems nothing can stop the advertising instinct, but as the expenditure returns with a vengeance, print is missing out in major markets.  Read more

3 October 2022 | IndustryEdge

For nearly two decades, New Zealand’s exports of Packaging & Industrial paper and paperboard have been declining. The 2021-22 financial year saw exports fall to 267 kt, down 7.7% on the prior year. The export result came as latest data confirmed production was about 6% lower than for the previous year.  Read more

30 September 2022 | ABB

Use of ABB solution, results in uniform lime quality with lower energy consumption and reduced emissions.  Read more

29 September 2022 | PKN

The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) has published its action plan for phasing out PFAS in fibre-based food contact packaging. The new resource outlines a national, industry-led approach to phasing out PFAS by 31 December 2023, and has been endorsed by environment ministers who are committed to overseeing the phase-out among the industry.  Read more

29 September 2022 | PKN

Collaboration is the key to moving beyond sustainability and into regeneration, according to Cath Cornaggia, commercial director, Label and Packaging Materials, Australia and New Zealand at Avery Dennison, who shares her insights with PKN.  Read more