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Dr Karen Stack
University of Tasmania (retired), Appita

Karen graduated from the University of Sydney with a BSc (Hons) in 1980 and started as a process chemist at Australian Newsprint Mills in Tasmania in 1981. In that role Karen gained experience across many areas in pulp and papermaking. During the period of 1981-1987 she was employed in several roles including being part of the technical audit team looking at the process efficiency of the paper machines and later being Assistant Technical Services Superintendent and being responsible for paper quality testing and colour control of the paper.

In 1988 Karen undertook a PhD in Pulp and Paper chemistry at the University of Tasmania. After completion of the PhD in 1992 Karen continued working in the Pulp and Paper Chemistry Group, researching various aspects of wet end chemistry, retention aids, bleaching chemistry, deinking recycled fibre and wood extractive colloidal stability. She has been successful in securing funding from the industry and ARC to be able to continue the research for 25 years. Karen has published over 45 peer reviewed papers as well as presented over 40 conference papers.

Karen has maintained strong links with the industry through her research at University of Tasmania and involvement in Appita in which she has served for over 30 years on the local section committee. Karen is currently the Peer Review Editor for the Appita Journal which enables her to maintain strong links with the research being undertaken by others in the industry. Karen is also currently a member of the Technical Committee of Appita.

To be able to encourage and inspire young people in the industry by providing them with support, guidance and encouragement to strive to achieve their best. I had some great mentors when I was new to the industry and it helped me greatly and so I want to be able to share my experiences in the same way.

Attributes/Specialisation: Wet End Chemistry, Extractives chemistry, supervision of post graduate students, editing and preparing journal papers, reports etc.