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APPITA V70 No 2 - Apr / Jun 2017

    This issue of the Appita Magazine looks at the energy market and policy that is effecting the pulp and paper industry.

    Appita Magazine feature articles:
    • Energy matters for future of Australian manufacturing
    • Visy’s new COO looks at “A better world” – Interview with Mr. Mark De Witt
    • Early History of the Australian Paper Industry
    • Flexo by name, flexible by nature: printing functional coatings and graphics
    • Bark : Opportunities for an underutilised resource
    • Energy crisis and why renewable heat counts!
    • Update on the Commonwealth Government carbon; Safeguard Mechanism – Australian Paper

    Appita Peer Reviewed Journal

    This issue of the Peer Review Journal features two new technical papers and reviews four previously published papers, one by the late Louis Reginald Benjamin,CBE, a pioneer and leader in the development of the pulp and paper industry based on Australian eucalypts.  

    • Preflocculated PCC to improve paper strength
    • Chitosan as a wet-end additive to enhance paper properties

    Feature technical papers review:

    • The challenge of the Eucalypts 
    • Some basic Aspects of NSSC pulping 
      H.G. Higgins, A. J. Michell and A. J. Watson
    • A new alkaline pulping process
      A. Farrington, P.F. Nelson and N. Vanderhoek
    • Chemimechanical and thermomechnical pulps of radiata slabwood and corewood. Part 1: Pulp properties
      S.R. Corson and J.D. Richardswon




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