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Appita Membership

All Appita Memberships runs from 1 January – 31 December. The full fees are payable on joining and a pro-rata credit will be made towards the following years fee if you join part way through the year.


Individual Membership Plans

Individual Member AU $180
Individual Members are those who have an interest in the aims and objectives of Appita.

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Individual Site Member 40% Discount AU $108
If you belong to a site participating in the Site Membership Program you can register as an Individual Member with a 40% discount. To apply you'll need your organisation's member number ready.

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Student Member AU $50
Individuals who are non-salaried students and who are enrolled at a recognised tertiary institution may apply for Student Membership. Student Members receive all the benefits of Professional Membership, at a greatly reduced fee.

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Retired: Free
A Retired Member shall have been an individual member of Appita in good standing for ten years who, on retirement from active duty, wishes to remain a member of Appita and makes application to do so year by year. 

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Company Membership Plans

Company Members are firms or corporations involved in the manufacture of pulp, paper, packaging, and biomass derived products. There are four levels offered under the Company Membership.

Silver Company Membership $AU 2100
Includes 2 Professional

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Company Membership AU $1900
Three nominated representatives of the Company Member receive all the benefits of an Individual. Membership and benefits may be transferred to another person in their organisation.

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Site Memberships

The Site Membership Program is available to all Company Members and has been designed in levels taking into account the number of staff at each manufacturing site. Company Members can take up Site Membership at three levels. To apply you'll need your parent organisation's member number ready.

Site Membership Level 1 AU $2,079
Site Membership Level 1 is for sites with 1-150 empoyees

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Site Membership Level 2 AU $3,465
Site Membership Level 2 is for sites with 151-350 empoyees

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Site Membership Level 3 AU $6,930
Site Membership Level 3 is for sites with >350 empoyees

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Sustaining Membership Plans

A Sustaining Member shall be an institution, trade or professional association, library, company, or similar organization in the pulp and paper industry or a related industry or service.

Sustaining Membership Category 1 AU $1115
Established suppliers, including large consultants; wood chip manufacturers; large private government forests operators; other significant local organisations directly involved the industry; pulp and paper manufacturers in other countries.

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Sustaining Membership Category 2 AU $825
Suppliers, including consultants whose involvement is relatively small; customers of the pulp and paper industry eg printers and converters.

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Sustaining Membership Category 3 AU $335
Organisations who have no commercial or direct technical involvement in the Australian and New Zealand pulp and paper industry.

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Apply for Testing Plan $2