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David Platt, Director, Resilient Future

David is a strategist, author, researcher, speaker and facilitator with over 20-years of experience working with organisations and their leaders. David has developed effective tools and frameworks to reshape the mindset, skill-set and strategic focus required to pursue opportunity and manage risk in our fast-moving, disruptive environment.

He has worked with leading organisations and communities in Australia and the United States. With significant experience in corporate strategy, organisational transformation, education and training, learning and development, social enterprise, and community development, David is regarded as an expert in the field of resilience and change management.

David Platt is the co-author of three books - "Disrupted: Strategy for Exponential Change" and The Disruption Readiness Test". The third book upcoming book, "Do or Die Disruption" is set to become another best-seller within the business community. Recent speaking engagements include National Future Work Summit, Digital AI Summit, CSR Way National Conference, NAB Leadership Matters National Conference and Best Practice Network National Summit.