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Stephen Parkinson, Project & Innovation Manager, ABBE Corrugated

In 2019 Stephen joined the team at ABBE Converting as Projects & Innovations Manager. Prior to joining ABBE, Stephen was the General Manager, Biomanufacturing at Australian Paper. Prior to being appointed as GM, Stephen was a shift manager responsible for the co-ordination of the 5 paper machines on site at AP, Maryvale and across the site into pulp. Stephen went to Maryvale after spending 4 years in the Middle East selling starch and services, and then building a new paper machine and corrugating plant.  Again, a challenging role with not only the heat to deal with, but 16 different nationalities and 9 different languages.

Prior to that Stephen was the Research and Technical Manager for Visy. He worked out of the Visy Technical Centre for 10 years focusing on the development of micro flute, coating, new methods of printing and a range of processes. He then moved into Visy Paper Sales, a business started out of the sale of Pratt Paper to sell corrugating offcuts to “Alternative” areas, where Visy had developed a reputation for innovation.

Before taking on the role at Visy, Stephen worked at Little Wembley Mill where he started in the Paper Industry as really a packer / Guillotine operator, and rose to be offered and accepted a directorship. Stephen had also spent 10 years in the British army special forces prior to starting his career in industry.